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January 06, 2007 

Now in its 10th year, ISPCON is THE definitive event for wired and wireless ISPs.

It's the place where service providers come together to meet, learn, find new products and services and improve their businesses.

The full conference grid is almost complete and online now. Check it out today to discover what you'll learn at ISPCON Fall 2003!

If you're wondering who should attend? Wonder no more... click here.
ISPCON is packed with more valuable sessions dedicated to delivering wireless Internet services than any other event on the market.
Full-day WISP Workshop: Sunday
See how ISPCON stacks up against the others.

There are numerous vendors lining up with technologies specifically designed to help you execute on your wireless roll-out, and plenty of existing WISPs to learn from and talk with during the show.

They can keep competition out of the RBOC and Cable networks, but they can't stop an Internet maverick from fighting back with a new technology.

Get the details on how ISPCON is delivering on wireless for you…
Free book offer with registration!
   Interested in Speaking?
Visit Speaker Forums to view the Call for Papers and submit your proposal.
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