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Sharing files anywhere
(Show 150, released December 6, 2002, approximately 33 minutes)
Before FTP, before email, there was Mark Eppley's LapLink. Now Laplink Everywhere is an Internet service

Triumph of the Stupid Network?
(Show 149, released October 29, 2002, approximately 28 minutes)
David Isenberg offers an explanation for why the telcos' intelligent networks are failing and must not be bailed out

State of DSL: Doing much better outside the U.S.
(Show 148, released October 29, 2002, approximately 25 minutes)
Dave Burstein, editor of DSL Prime, says U.S. wholesale rates are still too high, and "we have all the fiber we need"

Two months until ISP Judgment Day?
(Show 147, released October 21, 2002, approximately 19 minutes)
Maura Colleton, executive director of The Broadnet Alliance, is documenting those ISPs who she believes are one FCC or Congressional decision away from oblivion

Applying general customer service lessons to the Internet
(Show 146, released October 21, 2002, approximately 19 minutes)
John Tschohl, founder, president & CEO of the Service Quality institute, speaks of the things that changed in the past 30 years -- and some eternal truths

Squeezing fiber-like performance out of last-mile copper
(Show 145, released October 14, 2002, approximately 16 minutes)
Tuvia Barlev, president, CEO & co-founder of Actelis Networks, explains why everyone from RBOCS to CLECS to ISPs will benefit from MetaLIGHT high-speed data technology over ordinary copper phone lines

How service providers are helping consumers zap Web advertising
(Show 144, released October 14, 2002, approximately 12 minutes)
Ed English, CEO of Intermute, talks about how AdSubtract blocks pop-up, pop-under and banner ads, and about its first ISP customer

Stoking demand for high-speed access
(Show 143, released October 7, 2002, approximately 15 minutes)
Marilyn Cade, campaign chairman of 'Positively Broadband' and director of Internet and e-commerce policy at AT&T, gives a status report on the campaign, one year later

Route optimization: Why CEOs should care
(Show 142, released October 7, 2002, approximately 13 minutes)
Allan Leinwand, CEO of Proficient Networks, spells out the cost savings and which customers are benefitting

Generating new income from spam and virus filtering
(Show 141, released September 30, 2002, approximately 9 minutes)
Doug McLean of Postini describes how service providers are using its services to lower costs and generate income

Winning and keeping loyal customers with CRM
(Show 140, released September 30, 2002, approximately 12 minutes)
Becky Carroll of Peppers & Rogers Group gives a preview of her overview of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) at SERVICE NETWORKS Fall 2002

Digital television is almost ready for prime time
(Show 139, released September 18, 2002, approximately 19 minutes)
Robert X. Cringely, host of PBS' Digital TV - A Cringely Crash Course, talks about the recent FCC mandate that all TVs be compatible with digital TV by 2007 and what this means to the Internet community

Demystifying Internet traffic growth
(Show 138, released September 18, 2002, approximately 20 minutes)
Researcher Andrew Odlyzko, director of the Digital Technology Center at the University of Minnesota, talks about how he challenged Internet backbone providers by measuring traffic at the edges

Are satellite services taking the place of the last mile?
(Show 137, released May 10, 2002, approx. 12 mins.)
Doug Mohney, president of Vegas Commando Productions, discusses the subjects to be covered in the SERVICE NETWORKS Spring 2002 panel, "ISPs, Satellite Services and the Big Picture."

Managed services take the spotlight
(Show 136, released on May 6, 2002, approx. 6 mins.)
Carolyn Ruech, Executive Director of the MSP Association talks about the upcoming Exchange at SERVICE NETWORKS Spring 2002

Current Internet traffic trends
(Show 135, released April 26, 2002, approx. 7 mins.)
Dr. Lawrence Roberts, Chairman, CTO and Founder of Caspian Networks gives us an advanced look at his SERVICE NETWORKS keynote presentation

Preventing the Death of an ISP
(Show 134, released April 26, 2002, approx. 7 mins)
Dan Moffat, President, CEO and founder of New Edge Networks, discusses his keynote address topic to be presented at SERVICE NETWORKS Spring 2002.

Profiting from wireless access opportunities
(Show 133, released April 22, 2002, approx. 13 mins)
Anurag Lal, vice president of strategic services and business development at iPass, Inc., gives us a preview of his SERVICE NETWORKS Spring 2002 session

Cost-efficient Modular CDNs with C-Star
(Show 132, released Feb. 19, 2002, approx. 23 mins)
Phillip Bride, senior product manager at CenterSpan Communications, discusses the recent annoucement of C-Star CDN Services, how it enhances services and the restructuring of Scour.

Hardware Replacement: One for Many
(Show #128, released September 24, 2001, approx. 18 minutes)
Nagi Rao and Bob Fernander of Surgient Networks talk about replacing load balancing, caching and streaming devices with a single box

Kevin Almeroth on IP Multicast
(Show #130, released November 19, 2001, approx. 12 minutes)
Kevin Almeroth from the University of California, Santa Barbara gives a synopsis of his upcoming pre-conference day tutorial session on IP Multicast at CDN - The Content Networking Event Fall 2001

Launching New Products in Today's Tough Environment
(Show #129, released November 16, 2001, approx. 18 minutes)
P. Griffith Lindell and Richard Fedchenko of cPower, Inc. preview their upcoming CDN - The Content Networking Event Fall 2001 Birds of a Feather session on launching new products nowadays

Launching a Personal Delivery Service
(Show #127, released September 12, 2001, approx. 25 minutes)
Wade Hennessey of Kontiki, Inc. discusses the launch of its personal delivery service in a public beta test and the content delivery marketplace

Internet weather: From talk to action
(Show 131, released Dec. 3, 2001, approx. 18 minutes)
John Quarterman and Tom Ohlsson of Matrix describe SLAs that work


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