Personal Networking at ISPCON

ISPCON Target Audience

ISPCON is targeted at people who need to learn how to build online presences and deploy them. The show is structured to give attendees the maximum opportunity to interact with vendors, industry pioneers, and peers who are implementing Internet and other online services.

The focus at ISPCON is to take you from wanting to use the technology, through the knowledge barrier, to the point where you know how to build and deploy the service you want. But be prepared – exposure to this much information, from this many people who know what they're doing, guarantees that you will return from ISPCON with more new ideas on how to implement Internet services and more new applications you now are empowered to approach, than any other three-day adventure you can have.

Attendee Learning OpportunitiesIf you have looked for a show that would offer this knowledge, but have been disappointed in what you have found, your answer will be the sixth annual ISPCON and you should make your plans now. There has never been anything like this show, and no trade show has built winners as frequently, both attendees and vendors.

The photos on this page provide a small glimpse of the educational opportunities and personal one-on-one access that ISPCON provides. You cannot get this type of access to the busy people who implement and shape this technology anywhere else. If you intend to deploy Internet technology in the next 12 months, don't miss this show!

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