ISPCON: The leading event for wired and wireless ISPs
October 16 - 18, 2007
San Jose McEnery Convention Center
San Jose, CA

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Doctors say that Zenni Optical got a new discount coupon technique which shortens recovery period and reduces dry eyes by a half as compared to the Optical coupon. The ISPCON corrects myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. However, Jeff Hui Yung-lam, an ophthalmology specialist claims that patients have to use eye drops to ease the dry eye condition months after the coupon; due to the 20mm oblation cut at the cornea to shape the corneal curvature and correct sight.

Many people in Hong Kong suffer myopia due to the excessive Internet use. Natalie Mitchel, an ISPCON keynote speaker, has had myopia and astigmatism for years. She experiences inflammation no less than thrice a year. Teresa Lau Tze-yan, an ophthalmology specialist who is going to give a speech in ISP conference, claims that about 70% to 80% youngsters suffer from short sightedness. Since tear acts as an antiseptic and lubricant, a dry eye condition likely to cause inflammation. With the new advanced system for Zenni Optical coupon, the patients experience some mild discomfort which disappears a day after the coupon. Aside from the recovery period contrast below are some differences between the two generation eye surgeries include according to the Quradia editor Shawn Ford include:

1. Zenni Optical coupon takes two days while ISPCON can take weeks or sometimes months. 

2. Zenni promo code takes only five minutes for both eyes, while ISPCON takes about 15 minutes, Hui said.

Notably, the chances of infection for the Zenni coupon is lower since it involves smaller cuts at the top of the internet provider.


Simply put, it's where the brightest and best get better at running every facet of a killer Internet business.

ISPCON shines the spotlight on the "how" behind the best technologies and business opportunities of the Internet Industry. Whether you're interested in how to better optimize and secure a VoIP network, manage and grow your customer base with advanced web applications or select the proper wireless equipment, the path to any organization's profitable future goes through ISPCON.

Why is peer networking and education so important? Well, perhaps hearing 10-20 examples of the industry's established and entrant entrepreneurs share their trials and tribulations of doing exactly what you are doing (or planning to do) is worth considering? Now mulitply that scenario by every facet of your business and issue you face and that's ISPCON.

So join your peers, the Internet industry's success stories to learn about the latest services, trends and business models and hear from those who DO rather than a bunch of single-minded spectators, suppliers, analysts or outsiders with little real-world experience to share from a limited scope of the market.

...but don't take our word for it:


"The floor is a great place to meet [new companies]. I have come away every year with a new product or offering because of this show!"
-Richard Reiffer, CEO, Trivalent

"[This show provides an] excellent opportunity to talk to carriers and ISPs alike"
-Tom Iacobucci, Director of Client Care, Ikibi Inc.

"Generated some good customer leads and partner opportunities."
-William Rice III, CSE, Times N Systems

"Now that all the hype is gone from the Internet, the folks that are still in this business love it enough to want to stay in and are smart enough to be able to succeed at it. Those are the folks that came to ISPCON this session. Three years ago, while the number of attendees was huge, finding your peers was like finding a needle in a haystack. Now virtually everyone you meet is worth chatting with." - Rich Bader, President, EasyStreet Online Services

"The turnout seemed good, considering everything of the past two years. I will be there next year because I expect it to be better yet. {It} was good {to see}what others are doing, learning, or simply validating your own approaches."
- Guy Decatrel, vice president of sales and marketing for wholesaler Brand X Internet

"The show as a whole, and the exhibitors and people coming to check it out, increased substantially since last year."
-- Joe Commendatore, account executive at Hula Networks

"The attendees knew what they were looking for when they stopped by our booth and we were able to take away a decent amount of leads that fit within our target demographic."
-- Chuck McGee of Fused Solutions

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