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Tuesday, October 21, 2003 • 10:15-11:15am

Customer Aquisition on a Tight Budget

Customer acquisition costs through advertising have gone through the roof. Learn how one of the most profitable ISP's in the business acquires customers through alternative channels such as government contracts, telecom auditing, association and word of mouth. Bob Carp, President of Galaxy Internet Services will provide insight, sample sales pitches, and growth opportunities using minimal amounts of money for the largest possible return. If you think your ISP can't grow any further or faster - you need to attend this keynote session to learn how to think out of the box, and build your customter base!

Bob Carp
Panelist: President, Galaxy Internet Services, Inc.

An ISPCON veteran, Bob Carp has been been there, done that. He is president of the largest privately-held ISP in the U.S. Carp is a former High Tech Entrepreneur of the Year, and author of the largest selling book ever written on ISP's - The ISP Start Up Manual. It went through 7 printings, and was sold in 60 different countries. Currently, Carp is President of Galaxy Internet Services, Inc. which is a Boston based ISP primarily serving the east coast. He has recently written and published "The Certified Telecom Auditor Handbook and Audit Guide" which prepares ISP's and others in the fastest growing telecom carreer - auditing telecom bills.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003 • 10:15-11:15am

One Gigabit or Bust!

Learn how cutting-edge wireless technologies will allow the state of California to achieve a stated goal: ubiquitous one-gigabit Internet access by 2010. Dewayne Hendricks, a pioneer in innovative use of unlicensed radio spectrum for Internet access, is leading the working group of California's Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC) to make 1-gigabit access a reality. Learn about the national impact this initiative is having, and the role that ISPs will play in extending the Internet's power and reach.

Dewayne Hendricks
Panelist: CEO/Dandin Group,
Chair/Wireless Working Group, CENIC

Dewayne Hendricks is currently CEO, of the Dandin Group, Inc., based in Fremont, California, USA. Dandin Group offers a comprehensive range of products and services, including research and product development, for wireless communications via the Internet. The Dandin Group will begin to deploy the first exclusively wireless Internet based communications system, including voice, data and video, in the Kingdom of Tonga later this year. He is also an active member of the Federal Communications Commission Technological Advisory Council (FCC/TAC).

Prior to forming Dandin Group, he was the General Manager of the Wireless Business Unit for Com21, Inc. He joined Com21 following an opportunity to participate as the Co-Principal Investigator in the National Science Foundation’s Wireless Field Tests for Education project. The project sucessfully connected remote educational institutions to the Internet. The test sites ranged from rural primary schools in Colorado, USA to a University in Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia.

Dewayne was the CEO and co-founder of Tetherless Access Ltd. Tetherless Access was one of the first companies to develop and deploy Part 15 unlicensed wireless metropolitan area data networks using the TCP/IP protocols. He has participated in the installation of these networks in other parts of the world including: Kenya, Tonga, Mexico, Canada and Mongolia.

Back in 1986, he ported the popular KA9Q Internet Protocol package to the Macintosh, allowing the Macintosh platform to be used in packet radio networks. Today, thousands of amateur radio operators worldwide use the NET/Mac system he developed to participate in the global packet radio Internet. This system continues to be developed and deployed by the amateur radio service.

He has been involved with radio since receiving his amateur radio operator's license as a teen. He currently holds official positions in several national non-profit amateur radio organizations and is a director of the Wireless Communications Alliance, an industry group representing manufacturers in the unlicensed radio industry.

Dewayne’s background includes several other entrepreunerial positions as CEO and founder, and inclusion on various “top 100” lists as an innovator in the industry. More information on Dewayne is available at the Dandin Group web site: Information on the FCC TAC can be found on the FCC web site at: If you would like to contact Dewayne you can email him at:

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