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Endorsing Associations

ISPCON would like to thank the following associations for their support of this event.


AASP - American Alliance of Service Providers
AASP Mission — Working for the common good of its members and based on group size, AASP is focused on helping ISPs prosper by finding revenue sources for them, by helping them to cut costs on products and services, and by providing 'value-added services' to their customers to reduce churn.
Our Goal — To unite as many ISPs as possible and leverage it as buying power. This will allow AASP, as a group, to obtain lower rates on products and services, and attract national advertisers.
Our Membership — Currently AASP has 800+ Member ISPs, serving over 5 million end users.


FISPA - Federation of Internet Solution Providers of the Americas
FISPA was founded in May, 1996 to represent the interests of Internet Solution Providers. We call our members "SOLUTION" providers because our members are companies who provide a whole range of services including Internet Access, Web Hosting, Web Design and an ever increasing number of other services all which use the Internet to facilitate a SOLUTION.

  • We offer our members education, a place to network and facilitate discussion as well as discounts on products and services which we collective use.
  • We educate the public about the importance of the Internet industry.
  • We support quality standards and practices for Internet Solutions Providers
  • We create a single voice presenting the concerns of the Internet industry.

FISPA was created to meet these challenges.


RBC - Rural Broadband Coalition
The Rural Broadband Coalition (RBC) is a technology and provider neutral, national advocacy and service association of Internet service providers, telecommunication companies/utilities, for-profit utilities, rural electric cooperatives, municipalities, public utility districts, tribal communities, technology companies, government organizations, and associations, and other interested parties that are dedicated to supporting the deployment of broadband Internet access to rural America.


TISPA - Texas ISP Association
The Texas Internet Service Providers Association (TISPA) is a nonprofit organization committed to advocate and support a healthy Internet industry in our state. TISPA believes an open, competitive marketplace for Internet access and services benefits the Internet service industry and the people they serve.


CISPA - The California ISP Association
The California ISP Association (CISPA) provides California Internet service providers and their customers with a unified voice to address regulatory, business and service issues as well as to support innovation within the ISP industry.


The purpose of WiMAX is to promote deployment of broadband wireless access networks by using a global standard and certifying interoperability of products and technologies.

WiMAX comprises of industry leaders who are committed to the open interoperability of all products used for broadband wireless access.

  • Support IEEE 802.16 standard
  • Propose and promote access profiles for the IEEE 802.16 standard
  • Certify interoperability levels both in network and the cell
  • Achieve global acceptance
  • Promote use of broadband wireless access overall

WiMAX intends to foster a more competitive BWA marketplace by specifying minimum air-interface performance between various vendors' products and certifying products that meet those performance benchmarks:

  • For network operators this means interoperability between equipment vendors
  • For equipment vendors this means fewer product variants
  • For component vendors this means larger series
  • For end-users this means faster and cheaper access which is more widely available


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