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Advisory Board

A Special Thanks to our advisory board members. These individuals have been instrumental in helping to shape the focus of the conference and the future of ISPCON.

Rich Bader, President and CEO, EasyStreet Online Services
Rich and his team at EasyStreet have built what is now Oregon's largest independent ISP by focusing on the needs of local businesses and delivering reliable service day in and day out. Dubbed "The Last Man Standing" by The Oregonian, EasyStreet has evolved into a sophisticated business that has outlasted most local ISPs and thrives in one of the most competitive business segments around. Rich is a 30-year veteran of the high tech industry, beginning at Digital Equipment in the 70s. Settling in Oregon in 1978 to join Intel, Rich was founder and co-general manager of Intel's Personal Computer Enhancement Operation, a world-class, multi-hundred million-dollar business that launched Intel into the personal computer end-user marketplace.

Tom DeReggi, President, RapidDSL & Wireless
Tom DeReggi is the President and founder of RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc and is responsible for Sales, Strategic Planning, and Wireless Network Design. In 2002, he launched "Intairnet," a high-capacity transport network interconnecting key locations throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. Intairnet's Wireless to Fiber network completely bypasses wired telecom carriers and the congestion associated with them, using radios operating in the 5.8Ghz unlicensed spectrum. One of the core elements to RapidDSL & Wireless's success is its proprietary router technology which, when combined with the latest microwave radios, enables it to cost effectively build superior redundancy and security into its network using automatic shortest path routing algorithms and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). RapidDSL & Wireless recently launched its wholesale program, with the idea that WISPs have the best chance of success, if they pool resources and work together. With prices starting as low as $99 per month and speeds as high as 16 mbps, it's an ideal solution to connect hotspots, communities, tenant buildings and businesses to the Internet.

Brett Glass, Chairman, Lariat.org
Brett Glass has more than 20 years of experience designing, building, writing about and crash-testing computer hardware and software. A consultant, author, and programmer based in Laramie, Wyoming, Brett obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Case Institute of Technology and his MSEE from Stanford. He plans networks, builds and configures servers, outlines technical strategies, designs embedded systems, and writes highly-optimized "inner loop" assembly language (the key to software performance) for clients nationwide. He is also an accomplished Webmaster and UNIX system administrator. During his long and eclectic career, Brett has written portions of the code and/or documentation for such widely varied products as Borland's Pascal "toolboxes" and compilers, Living Videotext's ThinkTank, Cisco Systems routers and terminal servers, Earthstation diskless workstations, and Texas Instruments' TMS380 Token Ring networking chipset.

Alex Goldman, Associate Editor, ISP-Planet
Alex Goldman was a technical writer at ABE Corporation in Tokyo, Japan, preparing manuals for cellular phones and other equipment during the transition from analog to digital technologies. He returned to the U.S. and edited for Simon & Schuster before joining ISP-Planet. For articles written by Alex visit: http://isp-planet.com/authors/agoldman-index.html. Including his anti-spam directory (which continues to grow) http://isp-planet.com/services/asguide/index.html.

Doug McDonald, Principal, Branch Run Communications
As Principal of Branch Run Communications, Doug McDonald works closely with partners from the service provider and vendor community alike to conceive, build and strengthen profitable partnerships. A proponent of the independent service provider, Branch Run Communications works closely with leading industry firms to strengthen their market position and profitability. Prior to founding Branch Run Communications, Doug spent the last decade working to forge lasting partnerships in the service provider community while holding sales and marketing positions at such industy leaders as Tucows and Hostopia.

Frank J. Muto, President & CEO, FSM Marketing Group
Going on 10 years of doing business on the Internet, FSM Marketing Group, Inc subsidiaries consist of web hosting and domain registration, ISP (dial-up), E-mail services including spam and anti-virus exclusively with Postini, branded Long Distance, business and marketing development. Frank previously spent 22 plus years in the automotive parts and services industry in various positions of executive management and business development, of which 15 of those years Frank spent as a business turn around specialist.

Elliott Noss, President and CEO, Tucows
A self-confessed contrarian with compelling opinions on a wide range of industry issues, Elliot Noss is a skilled presenter in all forums. Active in the industry, he has taken a leading role in ICANN reform and registrar issues, advocating on behalf of small and medium-sized ISPs and web hosting companies. Articulate, focused and media-savvy, he is a frequent guest speaker at industry events; appears regularly as a panelist on Canada's Report on Business Television (ROBtv) as part of Michael Vaughn's Bottom Line Tech Tuesday; and most recently participated in a panel discussion at the Digital ID World Conference 2002 on The Role of DNS and Registries in Identity Management. Noss has a BA from the University of Toronto and an MBA and LLB from the University of Western Ontario.

Eden Recor, Owner, Grand County Internet
Eden Recor has been a successful ISP owner and operator for more than 10 years. In 2001 he started looking into unlicensed wireless Internet services. In the most recent six months, Grand County has gone full time into wireless services, hired qualified installation support and is doing numerous upgrades for customers. He has gone through the process of self financing, leasing and back to self financing. He has experience with business plans that work and some that do not. Eden brings real-world insight for those who are planning to add wireless services, how to determine the costs and other considerations that go into starting up the business of wireless. He has taught internet computer classes in adult education to promote use of the internet and its benefits as well as educating engineers on technical subjects during his years at Lockheed. He holds a BS in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and a Masters in Computer Information Systems.

Tim Sanders, Founder, The Final Mile
Tim Sanders brings more than 15 years of experience in a diverse range of businesses to bear in solving client problems. Much of this experience was gained with start-up companies. Prior to founding the The Final Mile, he held the general manager's position of a multi-state fixed wireless ISP that was a subsidiary of a major start-up operation. He is intimately familiar with the art form of line-of-sight wireless services delivery and understands the technology thoroughly. He is experienced with the complete ramp-up of wireless in a new city, which can include everything from bandwidth sourcing, partnership relations, sales, hub and relay site acquisition and negotiations, media and field technical management. Sanders' further expertise includes asset valuation, consultant sales, product management and development, and project coordination and management. As a consultant he specializes in business plan development, financial projections and strategic market positioning.

Donny Smith, President and CEO, Jaguar Communications
Donny Smith began working in the telecommunications arena in 1974. He has worked in various technology fields including software engineering, RF design, Internet service provider and competitive local exchange service provider. He is currently working with traditional voice, voice over IP networks and fiber optics to the premises. Mr. Smith has a Computer Science degree from Mankato State University and an MBA from the University of Rochester, Simon Graduate School of Business.

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