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  :: The Leading Event for Wired and Wireless ISPs :: April 30, 2007   

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Alan Menezes, VP Marketing, Aperto Networks

Alan Menezes has written and spoken extensively about the wireless industry. His recently published articles include "Breakthrough Technology Bringing Broadband to the World" in the International Communications Guide 2003, "License-free Broadband Wireless Services Deliver Industrial Strength Performance for Business Users, Financial Viability for New Breed of Wireless Carriers" in Wireless Futures Magazine, September 2002, and contributed articles in EE Times and Broadband Wireless World. His speaking engagements include Supercomm technical sessions, the IOC Wireless Symposium, the FCC-sponsored Conference on Wireless Innovations: New Technologies and the Evolving Policies, USTA Telecom, ISPCON, the Tower Summit and Trade Show, WCA, Intel Developers' Forum, CDC and BWW. 

PANELIST:  Session #W6: WiMAX Roadmaps, Realities and Rumors

Andrew Main, President, Shasta.com

Andrew Main is the president of Shasta.com, a full-service ISP offering connectivity, hosting and Web site development services. He earned his bachelor's degree in computer science from UC Berkeley and taught at the junior college level. As Shasta.com's top sales person, he naturally promotes use of the Internet and new technologies every day in compelling customers to use all the services Shasta.com offers. He has been giving seminars and teaching about the Internet for seven years. 

MODERATOR:  Session #B4: Beyond Basic Billing to Integrated OSS

Andy Singer, Manager, Market Intelligence, CheckPoint

Andrew Singer, manager, market intelligence for Check Point Software Technologies, specializes in network security technologies and has more than eight years of experience in the computer networking industry. At Check Point, he is responsible for gathering competitive market intelligence, analyzing trends, developing and implementing strategic initiatives and managing a consistent corporate message.
Prior to joining Check Point, Singer held engineering positions at Winstar Communications and LANSystems, Inc. where he provided consulting, deployment, implementation and network design for Fortune 500 and enterprise companies. He has also participated in many IT security speaking engagements including RSA, an Agilent Technologies Webinar and various regional Check Point customer seminars.
Singer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Hamilton
College in Clinton, NY. In addition, he is an MBA candidate at the Robert
H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. 

SPEAKER:  Session #B1: What's Hot and What's Not in Managed Services

Anil Srivastava, Architect, Sun Java System Communications Software

Anil Srivastava is a senior staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems, and architect for Sun Java System Communications software. He has been involved in the messaging and collaboration program at Sun for more than 7 years having worked on Sun Internet Messaging Server, iPlanet Messaging Server and the Sun Java System Messaging and Calendar Servers. Anil spent the last year focused on the architecture of next generation thin clients for communications products, and is currently engaged in a cross-product team focused on advanced collaboration technologies. 

PANELIST:  Session #E6: Webmail Wound-up: What Gmail and 1GB Storage Wars Mean to You

Annalee Newitz, Media Coordinator/Policy Analyst

Annalee Newitz Annalee Newitz is EFF's Media Coordinator/Policy Analyst. She handles media relations, conducts research, and writes policy recommendations and white papers. Although she is a digital rights generalist, her special areas of interest are expanding the public domain, free speech, and network regulation. Previously, she was Culture Editor at the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and was the recipient of a Knight Science Journalism Fellowship in 2002. She writes a syndicated column called Techsploitation and is published regularly in national magazines and newspapers. In her off-hours, she edits an indie magazine called Other. She has a Ph.D. in English and American Studies from UC Berkeley. 

PANELIST:  Session #E1: Legal Maelstrom: Update from the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Barry Pier, CEO, WisperTEL

Mr. Pier holds an MSIE (MBA core) from the University of Houston and a BSCE from the University of Texas at Austin. Barry’s experience in developing successful wireless telecommunications networks along with his ability to assemble a “winning team” provides a key asset in the development of WisperTel. Barry has more than 20 years of progressively responsible positions managing people, projects and operations in the wireless (18 year cellular, PCN/PCS, mobile data, fixed wireless and broadband/high-speed Internet access) and other high-tech industries including seven joint-ventures/start-ups, five years overseas assignments and numerous consulting engagements. Barry has held senior management positions responsible for business planning, business development, program engineering, infrastructure implementation and operational functions. As the vice president of carrier relations for Vaultus Mobile Technologies Inc. in Denver, Colo., Barry was responsible for the wireless access product attributes and all carrier-facing operations including contract negotiations, indirect carrier distribution channels, 2.5/3G migration, forecasting, coverage analysis, network enhancements, interconnection, activation, billing and network notifications. As the general manager of ReFlex Communications Inc., a spin-off of Advanced Radio Telecom, Barry was responsible for management of all day-to-day operations for the Rocky Mountain Region including personnel and project management, management of technical operations and sales and marketing for all products and services. Barry also held previous positions as director of implementation and technical operations for Advanced Radio Telecom Inc.; director of development and technical operations for Western Wireless Corp. (d.b.a. VoiceStream); director, mobile wireless for Fluor Daniel Inc.; senior program manager for MCI in the PCS division; and director of business development for U S West (Qwest) in London, England. As both an engineer and an operations specialist Barry has the specialized skills necessary to successfully deploy and operate an advanced wireless broadband access company. 

PANELIST:  Session #V7: Fundamentals of VoIP

PANELIST:  Session #V8: More Than you Wanted to Know: Anatomy of Service

PANELIST:  Session #V9: Real-world Deployments

Bill Ford, Director, Billing Solutions, Tucows Inc.

Bill Ford is the former president of Boardtown Corporation, the industry leader in billing, help desk and subscriber management software for ISP and web hosting companies since 1996. As president and co-founder of Boardtown, Bill led the company from a startup vision to a company that provides billing for more than three million ISP subscribers. Boardtown Corporation was acquired in April 2004 by Tucows Inc., a leading provider of wholesale Internet services and back office solutions. As a dynamic software designer and Internet visionary, Bill Ford shares his experience with solving problems facing access providers. Bill has spoken on a variety of topics including billing and subscriber management and service outsourcing at ISPCON, Service Networks, Internet Service Provider's Forum and the ISP Business Expo. 

PANELIST:  Session #B4: Beyond Basic Billing to Integrated OSS

Bill Woodcock, Research Director, Packet Clearing House

Bill Woodcock is research director of Packet Clearing House, a non-profit research institute dedicated to understanding and supporting Internet traffic exchange technology, policy, and economics. Bill has operated regional and national Internet service provision and content delivery networks since 1989, and currently spends most of his time building Internet exchanges in developing countries. 

PANELIST:  Session #N6: Peer to Peer: The Peering Panel

Brett Glass, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, LARIAT.NET

Brett Glass has more than 20 years of experience designing, building, writing about and crash-testing computer hardware and software. A consultant, author and programmer based in Laramie, Wyo., Glass obtained his BS in Electrical Engineering from the Case Institute of Technology and his MSEE from Stanford. He plans networks, builds and configures servers, outlines technical strategies, designs embedded systems and writes highly-optimized "inner loop" assembly language (the key to software performance) for clients nationwide. He is also an accomplished Webmaster and UNIX system administrator. During his long and eclectic career, Brett has written portions of the code and/or documentation for such widely varied products as Borland's Pascal "toolboxes" and compilers, Living Videotext's ThinkTank, Cisco Systems routers and terminal servers, Earthstation diskless workstations and Texas Instruments' TMS380 Token Ring networking chipset. When he's not writing, consulting, speaking or cruising the Web in search of adventure, he may be playing the Ashbory bass, teaching Internet courses for LARIAT (Laramie's community network and Internet users' group), cooking up a storm or enjoying spicy ethnic food.  

SPEAKER:  Session #N2: Dealing with Computer Techs

MODERATOR:  Session #E5: Open Source Email Roundup

Cengiz Alaettinoglu, Fellow, Packet Design Inc.

At Packet Design, Alaettinoglu works on scaling and convergence of inter/intra-domain routing protocols. Previously, at USC Information Sciences Institute, he worked on the Routing Arbiter project. He co-chaired the IETF Routing Policy System Working Group to define the routing policy specification language and protocols to enable a distributed, secure routing policy system. As research assistant professor at the Univeristy of Southern California, he taught graduate and undergraduate classes on operating systems and networking. He has spoken at NANOG, IETF, RIPE and APNIC meetings, and at ACM and IEEE conferences and workshops. Alaettinoglu holds a BS in computer engineering from Middle East Technical University (Turkey) and an MS and PhD in computer science from University of Maryland-College Park. 

SPEAKER:  Session #N1: Managing BGP in Today's ISP Networks

Charles Weaver, President, MSPAlliance

Charles Weaver is the co-founder and president of the MSPAlliance, a global trade group for the managed services/IT outsourcing industry with over 150 members world wide. In addition to running the daily operational activities of the MSPAlliance, Mr. Weaver writes and speaks extensively around the country on the managed services industry.

Prior to starting the MSPAlliance Mr. Weaver was an editor for one of the largest web sites at internet.com with a daily readership of over 140,000. Mr. Weaver has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Arizona State University and a Juris Doctorate from Texas Wesleyan University School of Law. 

SPEAKER:  Session #B1: What's Hot and What's Not in Managed Services

Charles Wu, Operating Manager, CWLab - Technology Architects

Charles Wu, Operating Manager of CWLab, is a serial entrepreneur focusing on the technology space. CWLab, started in 1999 and founded upon the principle of “Telling the Good, Bad & Ugly as it Truly Is,” has been profitably and organically grown from an initial $25,000 investment in a studio apartment into a $15 million organization with over 25 employees based across the United States. 

PANELIST:  Session #W3: Steering Clear of Common, Costly WISP Mistakes

Dan Dearing, VP Marketing, NexTone Communications

Dan Dearing has more than 17 years of industry experience. He has held a number of technical and business positions for both service providers and solution suppliers. Prior to joining NexTone, Dearing was the senior product marketing manager at Ciena Communications Inc., where he successfully managed the domestic and international rollout of their optical transport platforms to Sprint and several emerging carriers. Before making the leap to Ciena, Dearing held both marketing and product marketing positions with Hughes Network Systems (HNS). 

PANELIST:  Session #V5: Realities of the Triple Play Vision

David Murray, EVP, Propel Software

David Murray is an Executive Vice President at Propel Software. Murray has more than 23 years of software development experience, having experienced both the technical and management sides of the equation. With Propel since its inception in 1999, Murray has worked with hundreds of ISPs in rolling out Web acceleration to their subscriber base. Before Propel, Murray co-founded Medici Technology which developed and marketed data mining, GIS analysis and strategic marketing software tailored specifically for the community banking market place. Before Medici, Murray co-founded the Internet services business at Geographic Services Corporation (GSC), which provides Internet-based geographic mapping services for store locators on web sites such as Godiva Chocolatiers and Michael's Craft Stores. 

SPEAKER:  Session #N3: How to Benchmark Dialup Web Acceleration Performance

David Snead, Attorney, Law Office of W. David Snead

Mr. Snead is an attorney in private practice in Washington D.C. His practice focuses exclusively on representing companies active in the internet infrastructure. In his 10 years in this area, Mr. Snead has represented these companies both in-house and as outside counsel. Areas of particular interest include the impact of legal decisions on day-to-day business operations and effectively managing compliance matters. He is on the Web Hosting Industry Review's "Panel of Experts" as well as a regular columnist for its monthly magazine. His clients include Affinity Internet, Inc., Superb Internet, Inc., AITOC, Inc., and FatCow Web Hosting L.L.C. Mr. Snead received his J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center. 

SPEAKER:  Session #H3: Cutting Out the Middle Man: Phishing, Spam and Virus Strategies You can Implement

David Temkin, CTO and VP Engineering, Laszlo Systems

As founder, chief technology officer and vice president of engineering, Temkin has successfully positioned Laszlo to become the next technology standard for rich Internet applications. Before founding Laszlo, Temkin was senior director of engineering at Excite@Home where he led a team of 55 engineers, designers and technical writers responsible for developing the company's consumer software. Prior to that, Temkin was an engineering manager in the Newton division at Apple Computer. Temkin is a seasoned presenter, with experience speaking at industry leading events such as MacWorld, and is an accomplished educator at smaller, more "how-to" focused conferences such as the Apple Developer Conference. 

PANELIST:  Session #E6: Webmail Wound-up: What Gmail and 1GB Storage Wars Mean to You

David Williams, VP Business Development, NextWeb Inc.

David Williams is the VP Business Development at NextWeb Inc. He has more than 15 years' experience in telecom and Internet business and was a founder at one of the early leading regional ISPs in 1994. Williams has been involved in M&A transactions for both wired and wireless ISPs. He has lead and participated in numerous ISP and WISP M&A transactions and is responsible for evaluating M&A opportunities for NextWeb. 

PANELIST:  Session #B5: Beyond the Mom-n-Pop WISP

Derek Kerton, Principal, The Kerton Group

Derek Kerton is an internationally recognized wireless telecommunications industry expert. His insight into wireless telecommunications technology, products and applications is recognized in widely distributed industry reports, articles, newsletters and frequent quotes in national media outlets. He is also a contributing author to the book “Going Mobile” and the wireless editor for TechDirt. Derek's clients include carriers such as SK Telecom, British Telecom, Bouygues Telecom and companies across the value chain such as Broadcom, IPWireless, WiFinder, GPWare, Digital Fountain and LeapFrog. The Kerton Group also runs a monthly investment forum for telecom service providers. 

MODERATOR:  Session #W5: Traversing HotZones, PtMP and WiMAX with Mesh Networks

Donny Smith, President and CEO, Jaguar Communications

Donny Smith began working in the telecommunications arena in 1974. He has worked in various technology fields including software engineering, RF design, ISP and CLEC. He is currently working with traditional voice, voice over IP networks and fiber optics to the premises. Mr. Smith has a Computer Science degree from Mankato State University and an MBA from the University of Rochester, Simon Graduate School of Business. 

MODERATOR:  Session #V5: Realities of the Triple Play Vision

PANELIST:  Session #V3: Avoiding the Pitfalls of VoIP Deployment

Doug McDonald, Principal, Branch Run Communications

As Principal of Branch Run Communications, Doug McDonald works closely with partners from both the service provider and vendor community alike to conceive, build and strengthen profitable partnerships. A proponent of the independent service provider, Branch Run Communications works closely with select industry leading firms to strengthen their market position and profitability. Prior to founding Branch Run Communications, Doug spent the last decade working to forge lasting partnerships in the service provider community while holding sales and marketing positions at such industry leaders as Tucows and Hostopia. 

SPEAKER:  Session #B7: The Big Opportunity in Small Businesses

SPEAKER:  Session #B8: Building the Solutions that Sell

SPEAKER:  Session #B9: Selling to the Small Business

Eden Recor, Owner, Grand County Internet Services

Eden Recor has been a successful ISP owner and operator for more than 10 years. In 2001, he started looking into unlicensed wireless Internet services. In the most recent six months, Grand County has gone full-time into wireless services, hired qualified installation support and is doing numerous upgrades for customers. He has gone through the process of self financing, leasing and back to self financing. He has experience with business plans that work and some that do not. Eden brings real-world insight for those who are planning to add wireless services, how to determine the costs and other considerations that go into starting up the business of wireless. He has taught Internet computer classes in adult education to promote use of the Internet and its benefits as well as educating engineers on technical subjects during his years at Lockheed. He holds a BS in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and a Masters in Computer Information Systems.  

SPEAKER:  Session #W1: Going Wireless? Decisions and Planning Before the Leap

Elliot Noss, President and CEO, Tucows Inc.

A self-confessed contrarian with compelling opinions on a wide range of industry issues, Elliot Noss is a skilled presenter in all forums. Active in the industry, he has taken a leading role in ICANN reform and registrar issues, advocating on behalf of small and medium-sized ISPs and Web hosting companies. Articulate, focused and media-savvy, he is a frequent guest speaker at industry events; appears regularly as a panelist on Canada's Report on Business Television (ROBtv) as part of Michael Vaughn's Bottom Line Tech Tuesday; and most recently participated in a panel discussion at the Digital ID World Conference 2002 on The Role of DNS and Registries in Identity Management. Noss has a BA from the University of Toronto and an MBA and LLB from the University of Western Ontario. 

SPEAKER:  Session #H2: The ISP Transition from Network to Applications

PANELIST:  Session #H6: Insourced vs. Outsourced Hosting

Gene Lew, VP Engineering, Switch and Data

Gene Lew is responsible for Switch and Data's strategic technology direction, technical infrastructure of its switching, routing and systems functions. He has more than 20 years of experience in the high-tech and telecommunications industries, most recelty serving as CTO fo Gemini Networks. Prior to joining Gemini, he was VP Engineering and Advanced Technology of RoadRunner/TimeWarner, and has held senior positions at Verizon, MCI and Matsushita in telecommunications management, network engineering, research and development and product development. Lew has a bachelor's degree in computer science from University of New York. 

PANELIST:  Session #N6: Peer to Peer: The Peering Panel

George Webb, Business Manager - Safety Technology and Strategy Group, Microsoft

As business manager of the Safety Technology and Strategy Group at Microsoft Corp., George Webb is responsible for coordinating portions of Microsoft’s broad Internet safety efforts to address issues such as anti-spam and anti-phishing for customers through a holistic approach to technology, standards, public policy and enforcement. In this role, Webb focuses on coordination of business efforts, including planning, research, public relations and marketing across Microsoft® product groups, including those for MSN®, Outlook® and Exchange.

Webb joined Microsoft in 1995. Before his current position, Webb was group manager in the MSN Home & Autos group, where he was responsible for all international functions, including product development, business development and marketing, product planning, and editorial production.

Before that, Webb was group manager for product development of MSN HomeAdvisor®, an award-winning consumer real estate service aimed at helping consumers find, purchase and finance their homes, as well as educating them about all aspects of that complex process. The site was honored with multiple consecutive Gomez awards for best site in its class. Before joining the MSN division, Webb created the first Web-based order management and reporting system for use by Microsoft’s channel partners and subsidiaries around the world. The system, which was launched in 1995, now processes more than $10 billion in annual transactions.

Webb holds bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering and history from Stanford University. He is married and has two children. 

PANELIST:  Session #E4: Mail Accountability

Greg Callanan, Broadsoft 

PANELIST:  Session #V7: Fundamentals of VoIP

PANELIST:  Session #V8: More Than you Wanted to Know: Anatomy of Service

PANELIST:  Session #V9: Real-world Deployments

Hank Carabelli, President and CEO, Pac-West Telecomm Inc.

Mr. Carabelli joined Pac-West as president and COO in June of 2001. He was appointed president and CEO in July of 2003. Formerly the COO of ICG, a Colorado-based competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC), and president of @Link Networks, a broadband service provider, Mr. Carabelli has more than 25 years of industry experience. He joined ICG in 1996 as executive VP of network operations, and served as COO from 1998 to 1999 with responsibility over network engineering, customer care, sales and installation. Prior to ICG, Mr. Carabelli spent 19 years in management with Ameritech, Michigan Bell and Bellcore. 

PANELIST:  Session #V4: Private Label vs. Roll-your-own VoIP

Harry Katz, Program Manager, Safety Technology Strategy Group, Microsoft Corp.

Harry Katz is a program manager with the Safety Technology and Strategy Group Microsoft, responsible for industry standards and tool development. Previously Harry was responsible for email hygiene capabilities of Exchange. Since joining Microsoft 7 years ago, he has also worked on Exchange connectors and developer tools. Prior to Microsoft, Harry worked as a project manager with LinkAge Software on a variety of email gateway and directory synchronization products. Harry has a Bachelor of Mathematics in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. 

SPEAKER:  Session #E7: The Sender ID Framework, Record Publishing and PRA Implementation

Ivan Kohler, Owner and Head Geek, Freeside ISP Billing

Ivan Kohler is the original author of Freeside, an open-source billing package for ISPs. He has been working with ISPs to provide innovative and cost-effective open-source technical solutions for an unexaggerated 10 years. Ivan has given presentations on a variety of topics, from secure CGI programming to billing automation, at conferences such as the ISP Forum, ISP Business Expo and now ISPCON. A former MAPS employee (the Internet's original anti-spam non-profit), he also has extensive experience helping ISPs survive the growing tide of spam and email abuse. Ivan is a CPAN author, a Debian developer and a cat person. 

PANELIST:  Session #E5: Open Source Email Roundup

Jack Pausman, Director of Marketing, Wireless Broadband USA

Jack M. Pausman, Director - 63, Educated at The Citadel, he began investing in foreign and domestic businesses in 1978. He began developing marketing strategies for private and, soon to be, public companies such as Planet Hollywood and First Plus Financial. He is the Director of Marketing for Wireless Broadband USA and is solely responsible for all of the infusion of monies for the company during it's infant stage. Working with Ed Bell, an icon in the facilitating arena and John Malone, Director of Engineering for WBUSA, Wireless Broadband USA has become a force in the industry bringing all facets of infrastructure and funding to those wishing to start or upgrade a total "turn-key" fixed wireless broadband business.

He has been in marketing for over 27 years and has been intimately involved in people and business together. 

MODERATOR:  Session #B2: Real-world Growth Financing for the WISP

Jack Unger, President, Ask-Wi.Com Inc. (formerly Wireless InfoNet Inc.)

Jack Unger has 45 years of wireless experience (since 1958) and has served the license-free broadband wireless industry continuously, full-time since 1993. He's the builder of one of the world's first WISPs (1995). He authored the first WISP industry handbook. In 2001, Unger created the first and the only vendor-neutral WISP design and deployment workshop. He is a recognized industry expert in interference avoidance and in interference reduction. 

SPEAKER:  Session #W7: Understanding Layer 1: RF Fundamentals for WISPs

SPEAKER:  Session #W8: WISP Survival: Designing Around the Noise and Interference

MODERATOR:  Session #W3: Steering Clear of Common, Costly WISP Mistakes

Jason Talley, CEO, Nuvio Corp.

Jason Talley, president of Nuvio Corp., a leading provider of VoIP services to partner companies in rural markets, is an accomplished speaker on VoIP/telecommunications issues and has presented at executive summits, many state broadband association meetings, among other worldwide industry speaking venues. Talley has presented on regulation of VoIP, the case for developing tier-two and tier-three VoIP rural markets, private-label branding of VoIP services and many other topics. 

PANELIST:  Session #V4: Private Label vs. Roll-your-own VoIP

Jay Ferron, CIO, Interactive Security Training

Jayson has 20+ years of IT experience in the areas of network security, disaster recovery planning, project management, e-ommerce/Internet, EDI and network/systems management.He works with Internet providers on infrastructure designs and security. Jay has managed development and implementation of e-commerce Web sites and hosting facilities. Customers include Toys-R-Us, AT&T, Private.com, Philips Lighting, Bookbundle, Lillian Vernon, Sports Illustrated, Red Rocket, Mountain Gear, Play Co., Beavex and others. Jay has taught at Baruch College; has been a speaker at Comdex, Tech Forum Managers meetings, user groups across the country, Future Forum 2000, Corporate Advisory Board and CTEXPO. Certifications include ADSI, CCDA,CCNA, CISSP, MCP, MCDBA, MCSE, MCT, NSA-AIM, RWMT, TCI. 

SPEAKER:  Session #N5: Live ISP Network Hack-n-Crack

SPEAKER:  Session #N7: SWOT for the ISP Security Workshop - Part 1

SPEAKER:  Session #N8: Active Monitoring for the ISP Security Workshop - Part 2

SPEAKER:  Session #N9: Gaining Additional Revenue with Security Offerings Security Workshop - Part 3

Jeff Orr, Manager, Marketing and Business Development, Proxim Corp.

Jeff Orr joined Proxim as a product manager in 1998. Since joining Proxim, Orr has led the introduction of several award-winning Proxim wireless solutions such as the Symphony WLAN, Skyline WLAN, Tsunami Multipoint A.I.R. fixed wireless and Lynx.GX 16T microwave radio systems. Prior to joining Proxim, Orr spent 10 years at Diamond Multimedia where he held several management positions. Orr majored in aerospace and aeronautical engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He has appeared on numerous TV and radio talk shows, and as a speaker for industry trade shows and seminars. He is also an active member of the WiMAX Forum. 

PANELIST:  Session #W6: WiMAX Roadmaps, Realities and Rumors

Jeff Pulver, President and CEO, pulver.com

Jeff Pulver is the President and CEO of pulver.com, and one of the true pioneers of the Internet telephony/VoIP industry. Leveraging well over a decade of hands-on experience in Internet/IP communications and innovation, Mr. Pulver is a globally renowned thought leader, author and entrepreneur. He is the publisher of The Pulver Report and VON magazine, and creator of the industry standard Voice on the Net (VON) conferences, where all sectors of the IP communications come together to discuss, debate, and advance the industry. Additionally, Mr. Pulver is the founder of Free World Dialup (FWD), the VON coalition, LibreTel, WHP Wireless, pulverinnovations, Digisip, and is the co-founder of VoIP provider, Vonage.

Most recently, Mr. Pulver's petition for clarification declaring Free World Dialup as an unregulated information service was granted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This landmark decision by the FCC is the first and only decision it has made on IP communications to date. Now referred to as "the Pulver decision", the ruling provides important clarification that computer-to-computer VoIP service is not a telecommunications service. By doing this, the FCC has delivered a strong signal to consumers and capital markets that the FCC is not interested in subjecting end-to-end IP Communications services to traditional voice telecommunications regulation under the Communications Act.

Mr. Pulver's expertise is widely utilized throughout the communications and Internet industries, which has now extended into the critical public policy arena, both nationally and internationally. In addition to his work with the FCC, Mr. Pulver has testified before the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the United States Congress, the National Association of Regulatory and Utility Commissioners (NARUC) as well as numerous federal and state agencies who have a growing interest in IP communications. Named by BusinessWeek as one of their 2003 Tech Gurus. Mr. Pulver is committed to the future of IP communications and is featured often in the media as true expert in his field. He is a patron/supporter of the Diabetes Research Institute, Robin Hood, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Musuem, VH1 Save the Music, and is a lifetime member of the ARRL and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. 

KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  KEYNOTE: Voice over IP: What's next for ISPs and WISPs

Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director, THINKstrategies

Jeff Kaplan founded and is the Managing Director of THINKstrategies (www.thinkstrategies.com), a strategic consulting firm that helps IT enterprise decision-makers with their sourcing strategies; solution providers with their marketing strategies; and venture firms with their investment strategies. Prior to forming THINKstrategies, Jeff served as Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at InterOPS Management Solutions, an Internet Operations Management Services Provider. Before joining InterOPS, Jeff was Director of Strategic Marketing at International Network Services (INS) and subsequently Lucent Technologies which acquired INS. Jeff also spent thirteen (13) years as a leading industry analyst at IDC, Dataquest and META Group. Jeff is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and contributing columnist for Mass High Tech Journal, Financial Times of London, NetworkWorld, Business Communications Review, ComputerWorld, InfoWorld, InformationWeek, and Services News on topics ranging from utility computing, managed services, outsourcing strategies, IT operations and service level management (SLM). Jeff serves as the Site Guide for ITworld's Utility Computing web portal [www.utilitycomputing.itworld.com] and is the Outsourcing Expert for TechTarget's SearchCIO [www.searchcio.techtarget.com] and SearchSmallBizIT [www.searchbizit.com] web portals. He also is a MSPAlliance research partner and member of the AMR Research Board of Directors. Jeff can be reached at jkaplan@thinkstrategies.com. 

SPEAKER:  Session #B1: What's Hot and What's Not in Managed Services

Jennifer Nieman, Director of Operations, Airpath Wireless Inc.

Ms. Nieman is Airpath’s Director of Operations. Her responsibilities include the day-to-day implementation of the business plan and the management of installation coordination. Prior to joining Airpath Wireless, Ms. Nieman was an analyst for Nortel Networks. Previously, she spent two years with WorldCom as a Systems Software Engineer where she assisted with a systems conversion and the implementation of a customer relationship management database. Ms. Nieman has also held positions of Technology Manager and Clinical Engineer in which she was responsible for project management, team building and customer/vendor relationships. In 1997, she was elected to the North Carolina Biomedical Association's Board of Directors. Ms. Nieman holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toledo. 

PANELIST:  Session #B4: Beyond Basic Billing to Integrated OSS

Jim Hollis, President, Internet Business Consulting, Inc.

Jim is president and founder of Internet Business Consulting, Inc (IBC),
formerly Internet Finance + Equipment (IF+E). Jim sold the majority of
the assets of IF+E in 2000 and after ‘serving time’ during an employment
contract resumed operations under Internet Business Consulting and
quickly re-established IBC as an $8M a year Systems Integrator and Value
Added Reseller specializing in the fixed broadband wireless access market.
Jim also purchased, operated, and sold Sierra.Net and First Coast Online
both Internet Service Providers during the ‘dot com’ boom and in 2004
launched AppState.Net, Llc, an operating WISP focusing on the difficult
multi-tenant/dwelling markets. His understanding of the internet industry
and knowledge of the technical and business issues, combined with his
experiences and successes in technology provide Mr. Hollis with unique
market strategies to increase a service providers growth, profitability, and
net worth. 

PANELIST:  Session #W3: Steering Clear of Common, Costly WISP Mistakes

Jim Johnson, Director, Product Management, Level 3 Communciations

Jim Johnson is Director of Product Management for Level 3 Communications, responsible for product management of Level 3’s voice services sold through consumer-facing partners.

Prior to joining Level 3 in 2001, Mr. Johnson held several leadership roles in the telecommunications industry. His background includes over 3 years with TCI Communications in product and business development positions, responsible for the introduction of residential cable telephony and high-speed cable modem services. These services were deployed in 1996/1997 and ultimately became the first AT&T Broadband markets after TCI’s acquisition by AT&T in 1999/2000. Mr. Johnson also spent 7 years with Sprint in the local and long distance divisions managing enterprise data products and services. While at Sprint he played an integral role in launching the industry’s first nationwide Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network in 1993. 

PANELIST:  Session #V4: Private Label vs. Roll-your-own VoIP

John Todd, Networking and VoIP Consultant, VoIP Inc.

John Todd has worked extensively in VoIP platforms ranging from enterprise to ITSP architectures. He has worked with various manufacturers of SIP CPE working towards improving "real-world" implementations of VoIP in public networks. He has extensive experience with Asterisk, IP routing, as well as SIP call delivery systems. He rarely sleeps. 

SPEAKER:  Session #V1: Asterisk for ISPs and WISPs

SPEAKER:  Session #V3: Avoiding the Pitfalls of VoIP Deployment

Josh Mailman, VP Marketing and Sales, Everyone.net

As vice president of marketing and sales, Mr. Mailman is responsible for the marketing and sales efforts, and continued growth of Everyone.net services. Mr. Mailman has more than a decade in the messaging industry most notably as vice president of operations at eFax.com (acquired by J2 Global Communications) where he helped take the company public in 1997 and managed the transition from a hardware company to the leading provider of fax over the Internet in 1999, personally securing more than three million telephone numbers for eFax while establishing 15 points of presence in the U.S. and U.K. In addition to his role at eFax.com Mr. Mailman has served as vice president of messaging and communities at NBCi where he oversaw the email.com relationship, and as director of worldwide marketing operations for Xerox's fax and multifunction groups. 

PANELIST:  Session #E6: Webmail Wound-up: What Gmail and 1GB Storage Wars Mean to You

Juan Santiago, Director, Strategy and Business Development, Motorola's Canopy Wireless Broadband Group

Juan Santiago leads the strategy, new market development and regulatory efforts for Motorola's Wireless Broadband Group. As director of market development, he also guides the ongoing development of the Canopy™ line of wireless broadband products, advises Internet service providers on business plans and manages strategic relationships. Juan's long career at Motorola also included various engineering and management positions with Motorola's radio, cellular, paging and wireless data communications businesses. Juan holds an MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management; an MS in Electrical Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University; and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Bradley University. He has published several articles on wireless communications and is the holder of two US patents. Juan is a native of Puerto Rico and now resides in suburban Chicago with his wife and two children. 

PANELIST:  Session #W6: WiMAX Roadmaps, Realities and Rumors

Karl Jacob, CEO, Cloudmark

Karl Jacob is a three-time entrepreneur, building Internet companies since 1992 in roles that span management, technology and marketing. Two of Jacob's companies have been selected for Fortune Magazine's "Cool Companies of the Year" list and BusinessWeek named him one of the top 10 up-and-comers in 2000. Previously, as CEO and President of Keen, he led the company to be credited as the fastest growing ecommerce company in history. The company has grown quarterly revenue sequentially since inception doing $1 million a week in transactions and is on a clear path to near-term profitability. Prior to Keen, he spent two years as a Microsoft executive, following Microsoft's acquisition of Dimension X where he was founder and CEO. 

SPEAKER:  Session #E2: Email: How to Avoid Being Taken for a "Phishing" Expedition

Kelly Williams, Director of Marketing, NovaStor Corp.

Kelly Williams is Director of Marketing for NovaStor Corporation. Prior to joining NovaStor, Ms. Williams headed her own marketing consultancy specializing in telecommunications hardware in software. Ms. Williams has been involved in the voice over IP/frame relay and ISP market for more than eight years, heading up marketing for ACT Networks/Clarent, Hypercom Network Systems and Sync Research. She has presented a wide variety of topics at industry forums and trainings and sales meetings for more than 15 years. 

SPEAKER:  Session #H5: Serving Up Small Business Storage

Ken Osowski, VP Marketing and Product Management, Pactolus Communications Software Corp.

Kenneth Osowski, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, has been with Pactolus more than three years, joining during the company’s early development stage. Osowski started in the enhanced services market in 1993 at Boston Technology. Later, Osowski co-started IPeria in 1998, where he was VP Marketing and Business Development. Osowski holds a BS in Physics from Franklin & Marshall College and an MS in Computer Science from Columbia University. 

SPEAKER:  Session #V6: Pricing VoIP Services

Kevin Janssen, VP Sales, Western Region, Broadsoft 

PANELIST:  Session #V7: Fundamentals of VoIP

PANELIST:  Session #V8: More Than you Wanted to Know: Anatomy of Service

PANELIST:  Session #V9: Real-world Deployments

Kevin Suitor, VP Business Development, Redline Communications Inc.

Kevin Suitor is widely recognized for his expertise in the telecommunications industry. He is the vice president of business development for Redline Communications Inc., a manufacturer of broadband fixed wireless access solutions in the 2 to 11 GHz bands. Suitor is responsible for strategic inbound and outbound third-party relationships. He is also Redline’s delegate for the WiMAX Forum™ and sits on the Marketing Working Group for the WiMAX Fourm. Suitor has been actively involved over the years in the ATM Forum and Wireless Communications Association. He has written numerous articles in several industry publications and is a regular speaker on topics such as: broadband fixed wireless, 802.16a, WiMAX, softswitches, voice over IP, ATM, gigabit Ethernet and more. 

PANELIST:  Session #W6: WiMAX Roadmaps, Realities and Rumors

Kristopher Twomey, Telecom/Internet Law and Regulatory Consulting, Law Office of Kristopher E. Twomey

Kris has practiced telecommunications law for the past six years in Washington, D.C., and San Francisco. He began a solo practice in 2002 focusing on CLECs and ISPs, both wired and wireless. Kris represents clients nationwide and maintains offices in Berkeley, Calif., and Washington, D.C. He began his career representing long distance resellers and the first wave of CLECs after the passage of the 1996 Telecom Act. Kris also did FCC licensing work for a major carrier's fixed wireless project. His ISP practice has included prosecuting a major DSL complaint case against Pacific Bell and its affiliates at the California Public Utilities Commission. He has extensive experience speaking at ISP conventions including past ISPCONs and state association conventions. 

PANELIST:  Session #V7: Fundamentals of VoIP

PANELIST:  Session #V8: More Than you Wanted to Know: Anatomy of Service

PANELIST:  Session #V9: Real-world Deployments

Kurt Opsahl, Staff Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Kurt Opsahl is a Staff Attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation focusing on civil liberties, free speech and privacy law. Before joining EFF, Opsahl worked at Perkins Coie, where he represented technology clients with respect to intellectual property, privacy, defamation, and other online liability matters, including working on Kelly v. Arribasoft, MGM v. Grokster and CoStar v. LoopNet. For his work responding to government subpoenas, Opsahl is proud to have been called a "rabid dog" by the Department of Justice. Prior to Perkins, Opsahl was a research fellow to Professor Pamela Samuelson at the U.C. Berkeley School of Information Management & Systems. Opsahl received his law degree from Boalt Hall, and undergraduate degree from U.C. Santa Cruz. 

PANELIST:  Session #E1: Legal Maelstrom: Update from the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Larry Donahue, Chief Operations Officer & Corporate Counsel, FatCow Web Hosting LLC

Larry possesses over 17 years of Internet business development, and information technology implementation and management experience. He runs the operations and legal affairs of FatCow Web Hosting, one of the Southwest’s largest web hosting companies, and has helped to manage FatCow’s growth to profitable three-digit rates for the past three years. Prior to joining FatCow, Larry worked for Leapnet, Inc., a public ecommerce and web design firm, from 2001 to 2002 as Managing Director and Vice President. While at Leapnet, Larry worked on and managed a number of large scale e-business projects for Sabre Systems, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Amadeus. Prior to that, Larry worked as Partner and Senior Consultant for Baker Robbins & Company, an IT consulting firm with offices worldwide, serving as that firm’s Internet Development Practice Manager. Projects at Baker Robbins included early Internet projects for BankOne, GE Capital and other Fortune 500 organizations and law firms. Prior to Baker Robbins & Company, Larry was a worldwide AIX technical support representative for IBM. Larry received a BS in Electrical Engineering and a JD in Law, and is a registered patent attorney with the Illinois Bar and the US Patent and Trademark Office. 

SPEAKER:  Session #H3: Cutting Out the Middle Man: Phishing, Spam and Virus Strategies You can Implement

Lee Tsao, Solutions Director, Pronto Networks

Lee Tsao is responsible for solutions consulting and professional services activities at Pronto Networks, working with prospects, customers and partners to design and deploy large-scale wireless network infrastructures. Lee has more than 18 years' experience in technology and business leadership positions, working with Fortune 500 companies and service providers on emerging, high growth technology initiatives including: voice, data, video, content and commerce. Prior to Pronto Networks, Lee worked with Boeing, General Electric, Coopers & Lybrand MCS (IBM), Oracle Corp. and Portal Software, where he focused on helping companies transform and leverage technology into profitable business solutions. While at Oracle, Lee was certified as a principal technologist and as an instructor from IBI. Lee received his BS in commerce and engineering from Drexel University in Pennsylvania. 

PANELIST:  Session #W5: Traversing HotZones, PtMP and WiMAX with Mesh Networks

Linda Beck, Executive Vice President - Operations, EarthLink

Linda Beck leads EarthLink's technical staff - managing the Internet provider's software development, system administration, network operations, quality engineering and MIS teams, as well as the CTO and CIO functions. She is responsible for the backbone and infrastructure that provides EarthLink's Internet service, including three major data centers, hundreds of network points of presence, and mail farms that deliver more than three billion messages each month.

Linda and her team have also been at the forefront of the war against spam and abuse, managing the company's network security and spam prevention infrastructure. She supervises the teams at EarthLink that investigate and prevent network fraud and abuse, including spam, viruses and worms, and leads the product developers who build the next generation of consumer-protection products.

Prior to joining EarthLink, Linda was vice president of engineering for Internet providers Netcom and MindSpring. Before Netcom, Linda managed engineering organizations at Sybase, GTE and Amdahl, bringing to EarthLink more than 18 years of experience in the high-tech industry. She began her career at the National Security Agency and has always focused largely on distributed systems, databases, network connectivity solutions and the Internet.

Linda earned her bachelor's degree in computer science from Iowa State University and a master's of business administration from St. Mary's College. She was named "National CIO of the Year" by the Georgia CIO Leadership Association in 2003 and was honored as one of Computerworld's "Premier 100 IT Leaders" for the year 2001. She splits her time between EarthLink's offices in Atlanta and Silicon Valley.

On Linda's watch, EarthLink was named one of Computerworld's "Top 100 Places to Work in IT" in 2003, reflecting the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment shared among EarthLink's technical staff. 

KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  CONFERENCE LUNCHEON: From Connection to Protection: The Future of ISPs

Lou Honick, CEO, HostMySite.com

Lou Honick is the chief executive officer and co-founder of a successful multi-million dollar web hosting company, HostMySite.com. Honick and his business partner founded HostMySite as a customer-focused provider that grew from their dissatisfaction with the state of the hosting industry in 1997. Today, with a strong emphasis on customer service, HostMySite operates a number of successful shared and dedicated web hosting brands with more than 30,000 clients in all 50 states and more than 35 countries worldwide. Lou entered the University of Delaware in 1995 and earned his BS in computer science in 3½ years while concurrently starting HostMySite. More recently he won the Small Business Administration 2004 Delaware Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The success of HostMySite.com over the last seven years prompted the construction of a second datacenter. Lou and his partner successfully designed and completed a state-of-the-art 12,000 sq. ft. hosting facility in April of 2004. 

SPEAKER:  Session #H1: How to Build, Refresh or Rebuild Your Datacenter on Time and Under Budget

PANELIST:  Session #H6: Insourced vs. Outsourced Hosting

Marlon K. Schafer, WISP Consultant

When you look at Marlon Schafer, do not expect to see bright lights and flashy clothes. He is true to his upbringing. This humble man grew up in a small farming community in eastern Washington and lives there still. He maintains a quiet lifestyle with his wife Melissa and three children. Marlon is a fixer of things that are broken, "usually 'cause I broke them first." Exploration and innovation have been life's steering wheel for Marlon. It did not matter that he didn't know how to fix stuff -- he simply thrived on the challenge of the attempt. He was one of the first ISP operators in the country to put together a wireless DSL network. Starting in the early spring of 2000, he covered the area of Odessa, Wa., his hometown. Lots of people helped, but nobody showed him how. His knack of fixing things progressed to owning his own business and a move back to Odessa. In 1995, Odessa Office Equipment was born. The problem: lack of Internet access in his town. He called every ISP he could find including Compuserve and AOL, and none would provide access in Odessa. So in April 1997 he borrowed $15,000 and hired a Spokane-based ISP to set up all the equipment, becoming the area's first ISP. He knew that 56k modems would be an expensive and short-term option for higher speed access. In 1997 he began looking for the next generation of technology that could be brought into the area, eyeing DSL. When the phone company said it would "never" bring DSL to Odessa he completely went around the telco, and found people that could help him do it instead. A local PairGain rep and Howard Fuller from Net to Net loaned him some point to point SDSL modems. DSL had arrived in Odessa. He set up his first wireless system in the spring 2000, and "dang, it worked." "When I started talking about how great it was, others who followed my DSL trials also followed me into wireless." Word spread. Marlon became a consultant and salesman who was totally customer focused on selling the best wireless networking equipment available. Most of his advice was still free, but the consulting part of his business began to grow. Speaking and training engagements followed. In fact, Marlon spends most of his time helping others. He is held in very high regard by the "inmates, or audience" of the ISP-wireless mailing list. By asking and answering questions to the list, he has given direction to the complicated learning curve of all things wireless. He organized a briefing for the FCC, extolling the virtues of the license-free space, which has become the "Wild West of Wireless." He has tested and trained on a large variety of wireless equipment, and is not shy to tell you the top 10 reasons why he loves it or hates it. Companies who gain his nod are very fortunate, for his opinion holds tremendous weight with other people in the business. 

SPEAKER:  Session #W2: A Bare-bones Guide to WISP Equipment

Meng Weng Wong, CTO, Karmasphere

Meng Weng Wong has been involved in email for his entire professional life, having started pobox.com, an email services company, in 1995, and karmasphere.com, the open reputation network, in 2005. Meng is responsible for SPF, the email authentication standard which was embraced and extended by Microsoft to form Sender ID. He has been actively involved in antispam technologies since 2003, working on opensource software and open standards. He studied computer science at the University of Pennsylvania, and entrepreneurship and leadership at the National University of Singapore. He has been recently invited to speak in Tokyo at the Japan Antispam Conference, in Vienna about the future of the Internet, in Singapore about global entrepreneurship, and in Vancouver about the Internet reputation industry. His work has been covered by Wired magazine, the Washington Post, the London Financial Times, and Slashdot. He grew up in Singapore, Vancouver, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. He now lives and works from home in Silicon Valley. His hobbies include recreational survivalism, precision housekeeping, and armchair dating. In 2005 he gave up his car for a Segway. Babies like him. 

SPEAKER:  Session #E8: The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) 2.0, Record Publishing and MAILFROM Implementation

Michael McCue, CommPartners 

MODERATOR:  Session #V7: Fundamentals of VoIP

MODERATOR:  Session #V8: More Than you Wanted to Know: Anatomy of Service

MODERATOR:  Session #V9: Real-world Deployments

Mike Cassidy, Managing Partner, ISP-Market

Mr. Cassidy is Managing Partner of ISP-Market, LLC. Since 1996, Mike has consulted with startup as well as established high-tech companies in a business development, sales and management role. He has worked with companies such as Ascend, U.S. Robotics, ISP-Lists, Capella Worldwide, Redback and iBeam. Mike is a regular contributor to numerous industry tradeshows, publications and reports, and is the Founder an Managing Editor of ISPortal.com.

ISP-Market LLC, is a marketing consulting firm focused exclusively on helping technology companies understand, communicate with, and sell to the Internet Service Provider and Enterprise IT Communities. 

MODERATOR:  Session #H6: Insourced vs. Outsourced Hosting

Mike Jackman, Executive Director, CISPA - California ISP Association 

MODERATOR:  Session #V4: Private Label vs. Roll-your-own VoIP

Nigel Ballard, Director of Wireless, Matrix Networks

Nigel Ballard draws upon 14 years experience in the wireless arena, from consulting through to designing and implementing wireless solutions. As the Wireless Director for Matrix Networks in Oregon, Nigel steers the company's wireless hospitality Wi-Fi efforts which include installations at schools, marina's, hotels, golf courses, enterprise and secure locations. Additionally, Nigel serves as a keynote speaker at numerous wireless industry events around the world. Previously, he was the global Bluetooth manager for Cap Gemini, and also served as the European Editor for Pen Computing Magazine. In his free time, Nigel works to deliver high-speed wireless access to underserved communities. He is a board advisor to Oregon nonprofit Personal Telco Project, a volunteer group dedicated to providing free high speed wireless access in public areas. He consults for nonprofit organizations and regional governments helping them provide connectivity to disadvantaged and rural locations. Nigel was recently invited to be on the City of Portland's Wi-Fi Steering Committee, and is also a founder member of the City's PREN MRU Wireless Network project. He is also an advocacy speaker for the Oregon Food Bank when time permits. 


Patrick J. Chicas, VP and CTO, CommPartners

Patrick Chicas is the CTO and co-founder of CommPartners. Mr. Chicas has 23 years of experience in telephony, data and wireless communications. While at PacTel Cellular (now Verizon), Mr. Chicas engineered and implemented the first cellular fraud control systems. At GTE Mobilnet (now Verizon), Mr. Chicas achieved new standards of network security and performance. Mr. Chicas was also the first executive hire at Digital Island (now Savvis), where he was instrumental in creating their first network operations environment. Mr. Chicas’ entrepreneurial experience includes co-founding Hawaii Online's Internet Access Service, the first statewide ISP in Hawaii that was ultimately sold to GST Communications. Mr. Chicas also created LJ.net, an ISP that served rural communities in the western United States, subsequently acquired by MGC Communications. At MGC, Mr. Chicas designed, procured and implemented MGC's nationwide Internet service and the industry's first voice-over-IP-over-DSL service. Mr. Chicas is also the founder and general partner of Rubicon Media Group Inc., an Internet publishing concern. 

PANELIST:  Session #V7: Fundamentals of VoIP

PANELIST:  Session #V8: More Than you Wanted to Know: Anatomy of Service

PANELIST:  Session #V9: Real-world Deployments

Paul Engels, VP Marketing and Business Development, Hostopia Inc.

Paul Engels has more than 19 years' technology marketing experience and managed sales and marketing for an ISP that grew from 3,500 to more than 12,000 web sites in less than three years. Paul, now the vice president of marketing and business development for Hostopia.com Inc., is a regular editorial writer and speaker at hosting industry events. His energy, enthusiasm and hosting business expertise wins top audience reviews. 

PANELIST:  Session #H6: Insourced vs. Outsourced Hosting

Peter Christy, Principal, Internet Research Group

Peter Christy has been involved with the computer and communications industries since the late '60s. Educated as an undergraduate at Harvard, and graduate school at Berkeley, Christy started as a system programmer building operating systems at CSC. Next was an exploration of medical information systems at UCSF, and then a decade at DEC in the heyday period of 1975-1985, starting at Technical Staff to the VP of Software Engineering, and ending in the middle of VLSI systems, including work with DECNet from the very beginning. Christy was briefly at HP, serving as manager of network architecture, he ran engineering for IBM/Rolm PhoneMail operations. He then was Founder and VP of Software Engineering for MasPar Computers, building mid-range, highly parallel computers in the late 1980s. That was followed by business development for Sun's object-oriented Spring operating system, and then running much of Apple's developer tools efforts, including program responsibilities for Apple's involvement with IBM and Novell on OpenDoc. Christy learned the analysis business from Michael Slater, running the small Ziff-Davis operation that Michael had started around microprocessors, publishing the Microprocessor Report and convening the Microprocessor Forum. All this experience is, remarkably, actually brought to bear in the current IRG activities. 

SPEAKER:  Session #E3: P2P and Zombie Mitigation

MODERATOR:  Session #E6: Webmail Wound-up: What Gmail and 1GB Storage Wars Mean to You

Rich Bader, President and CEO, EasyStreet Online Services

Rich has earned his salt and pepper hair with over 25 years of experience in high tech companies. Rich’s career spans the minicomputer era at Digital Equipment Corp., the microprocessor and PC revolution at Intel, and now, for over 10 years, leading EasyStreet Online Services in the Internet and IT world, now Oregon’s largest locally owned ISP and managed services provider. .

Rich combines a lifelong passion for technology with an appreciation for markets and customers, finding ways to innovate, satisfy customers, and build successful companies. Rich lived the globetrotting high tech lifestyle for 12 years at Intel, co-founding their successful entry into the PC end user products business. After consulting for numerous companies around the country, Rich gave up the frequent flier miles for the regional focus of EasyStreet, balancing the challenges of high tech, with the rewards of deeper roots.

Rich gives back to the community that supports his company and family. He’s served on numerous boards and committees. Currently, he’s on the SAO Board and Executive Committee, the board of the Open Technology Business Center (OTBC), and was appointed by Gov. Kulongoski to the Oregon Growth Account board. A sought-after speaker and emcee, Rich enjoys sharing his experiences in an entertaining way. He also enjoys travel, wine, cycling, and playing guitar.

Rich has a BSEE from Northeastern University. 

SPEAKER:  Session #B6: Market Segmentation for Fun and Profit

Rich Tear, CEO, CSCI

Rich Tear is CEO of CSCI, Inc. a 20 year old Systems Integration and Managed Services Provider in San Diego, California. CSCI has created OfficeScreen
(www.officescreen.com) which is a suite of managed security services designed for small businesses. CSCI specializes in partnering with organizations such as telecom companies to market these services to their small business customer bases. 

PANELIST:  Session #B1: What's Hot and What's Not in Managed Services

Ron Sege, CEO, Tropos Networks 

PANELIST:  Session #W5: Traversing HotZones, PtMP and WiMAX with Mesh Networks

Sam Wong, President and Chief Architect, Network Architects Inc.

Sam Wong is a Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP) and an Oracle Certified DBA with more than 16 years' experience designing, developing and supporting distributed applications and architecting secure networks. He has served as the VP Engineering for three different Internet companies and currently serves as President and Chief Architect of Network Architects Inc., a security systems integrator. He has published multiple articles covering highly available networks, Web services and application integration and has presented at several conferences. 

SPEAKER:  Session #N4: Defending Your Network: Best Practices for ISP Security

Satish Dharmaraj, Founder and CEO, Liquid Systems

Sathish was the vice president of the Messaging Products Division at Openwave Systems responsible for ISP Mail, Universal Messaging (UM), IP Voicemail, Mobile IM and Mobile Messaging (MMS) product lines. This division had more than 200 people and a $45 million budget. Satish managed the engineering and product management teams that built massively scalable messaging architectures. While at Openwave, Satish's division deployed 180 million mailboxes worldwide with the largest deployment being 20 million mailboxes at Jphone and KDDI. Satish was part of the founding team of Onebox.com where he led engineering and network operations and grew the organization to more than 70 employees. He was instrumental in the sale of Onebox.com to Phone.com for $850 million. Prior to Onebox, Satish worked at Sun Microsystems' Javasoft Division where he was directly responsible for the conception, design and implementation of Java Server Pages; in addition, he led the team responsible for designing and implementing the Java Servlet API. He introduced both Servlets and JSP to the Java community during the first three JavaOne conferences. Previously, Satish held several positions at IBM and Transarc Corp. Satish holds an MS in computer science and an executive management degree from Harvard Business School. 

PANELIST:  Session #E6: Webmail Wound-up: What Gmail and 1GB Storage Wars Mean to You

Stephen Baxter, Technical Director, PIPE Networks

Stephen Baxter is currently the joint owner/founder and technical director of PIPE Networks -- Australia's largest peering operator. Stephen was responsible for the design and implementation of the PIPE Networks infrastructure from Layer 0 to Layer 3. Included in this work is the design of the route control system used to verify and valid routes at PIPE Networks, involvement in the building of the dark fibre networks required to sustain profitable operations and the moving of PIPE Networks into the dark fibre field. PIPE Networks now operates in six cities with 16 dark fibre connected POPs and has over 70% of Australia's ISPs peering on network. Prior to PIPE Networks, Stephen setup and ran his own ISP during the mid to late 1990s before being acquired. At time of acquisition his ISP was in the top 10 for size in Australia and was rated first Australia-wide for customer service by consumer advocates. Eight years as a regular soldier in the Australian Army as an electronics/communications technician, Stephen helped in the initial cut throat area of small-to-medium business operations. 

PANELIST:  Session #N6: Peer to Peer: The Peering Panel

Steve Goldberg, PhD, CEO, Arcwave Inc.

Steve Goldberg is currently the CEO of ARCwave Inc., in Campbell, Calif. He held the same position with CoWave Networks prior its merger with Advanced Radio Cells Inc. Steve has more than 25 years of general management and technical experience with an emphasis in telecommunications and wireless. Prior to joining CoWave, he was vice president of research and development at Nokia Internet Communications. There, he had overall responsibility for research and development with a $70 million budget and more than 275 engineers worldwide. He helped grow their business from $50 million to more than $250 million in 12 months. Prior to this, he was president and CEO of Verticom Inc. He built a new management team, streamlined many processes and helped restart the company. Before that, he was VP and GM of the Wireless Communications Division at Cylink Corp., which was later sold to P-Com. He built the management team in sales, marketing, engineering, customer service and manufacturing. The division was profitable and was part of the successful Cylink IPO in February 1996. In addition, he has also held senior management and engineering positions at Trimble Navigation, Applied Signal, HP and California Microwave. Steve holds a PhD EE from the University of California at Santa Barbara and MSEE and BSEE degrees from Washington University in St Louis, Mo. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE, a past president of the IEEE Communications Society, Santa Clara Section, and is a member of the advisory board of Zap Ventures, Echogent Systems and Perfigo. He enjoys amateur radio (WQ6L) and figure skating. 

PANELIST:  Session #W5: Traversing HotZones, PtMP and WiMAX with Mesh Networks

Steve Stroh, Editor, Focus on Broadband Wireless Internet Access

Steve Stroh is an independent technology writer specializing in broadband wireless Internet access. He is a regular contributor to Broadband Wireless Business Magazine, and consults on this topic for service providers, potential investors and other interested parties to get them up to speed on issues relating to broadband wireless Internet access. He covered this topic from 1997 to 2001 in Boardwatch Magazine. He is also a director of Tucson Amateur Packet Radio, a 501(c)3 corporation focused on developing wireless data and related technologies; coordinator of the Puget Sound Amateur Radio TCP/IP Group; and a licensed amateur radio operator. 

MODERATOR:  Session #W6: WiMAX Roadmaps, Realities and Rumors

Thomas R. Lucke, VP and Director of Consulting Services, Strategic Pricing Group

As a Vice President and Director of Consulting Services for Strategic Pricing Group, Tom is senior strategist and pricing architect on client engagements. Over the last 20 years, he has worked with clients developing strategies that capitalize on emerging market opportunities and technologies –- with a particular focus on the information and telecommunications industries. His other industry experience includes aerospace, pharmaceuticals and medical imaging. Tom joined Strategic Pricing Group from Cambridge Strategic Management Group (CSMG), a consulting firm specializing in strategy for companies in the global information and telecommunications industries, where he was a Vice President. His work centered on competitive market strategy. Earlier in his career, Tom was a senior manager in the Strategy Consulting Group at Price Waterhouse, where he led the group’s work with technology-based clients, and a senior consultant at Kalb Bowen. Tom has an M.S. in Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon University and a B.S. in Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 

SPEAKER:  Session #B3: Value-based Pricing Strategies for Profitable Growth

Tim Sanders, Founder, The Final Mile

Tim Sanders brings more than 15 years of experience in a diverse range of businesses to bear in solving client problems. Much of this experience was gained with start-up companies. Prior to founding the The Final Mile, he held the general manager's position of a multi-state fixed wireless ISP that was a subsidiary of a major start-up operation. He led the company into its first out-of-state expansion and developed many of the business processes that are in use today. Sanders reduced the burn rate to break even and positioned the division to be financially independent for the first time. He is intimately familiar with the art form of line-of-sight wireless services delivery and understands the technology thoroughly. With formal training in Access database design he is experienced in developing inventory tracking systems and GIS topography data linkage. He is experienced with the complete ramp-up of wireless in a new city, which can include everything from bandwidth sourcing, partnership relations, sales, hub and relay site acquisition and negotiations, media and field technical management. Sanders' further expertise includes asset valuation, consultant sales, product management and development and project coordination and management. As a consultant he specializes in business plan development, financial projections and market positioning. Prior to the wireless business, Sanders was director of technical operations for a software consulting firm specializing in digital imaging and software products to the auto body industry. His teams served more than 8,000 partner customers in less than a two-year period with technical support, verification and distance learning programs. During his tenure, it was the most profitable division in the company and provided the capital to help position the company to diversify their product lines. Sanders held several diverse positions with previous companies, primarily in customer service, credit and sales. He has continued his education with technical subjects relating to the wireless business and studied mechanical engineering. 

MODERATOR:  Session #B5: Beyond the Mom-n-Pop WISP

Todd D. Benjamin, President and CEO, Rodopi Software

Todd D. Benjamin joined Rodopi Software in 2003 as president and CEO. Prior to joining Rodopi, he was an executive at Dorado Software in Folsom, Calif., and has spent nearly 20 years in the telecommunications and hi-tech industry. He earned his BSEE and Computer Engineering degrees at the University of Washington and earned an MBA/JD from the University of California, Los Angeles. 

PANELIST:  Session #B4: Beyond Basic Billing to Integrated OSS

Tom DeReggi, President, RapidDSL & Wireless Inc.

Tom DeReggi is the President and founder of RapidDSL & Wireless Inc and is responsible for sales, strategic planning and wireless network design. In 2002, he launched "Intairnet," a high-capacity transport network interconnecting key locations throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area. Intairnet's wireless-to-fiber network completely bypasses wired telecom carriers and the congestion associated with them, using radios operating in the 5.8Ghz unlicensed spectrum. One of the core elements to RapidDSL & Wireless's success is its proprietary router technology which, when combined with the latest microwave radios, enables it to cost effectively build superior redundancy and security into its network using automatic shortest path routing algorithms and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). RapidDSL & Wireless recently launched its wholesale program, with the idea that WISPs have the best chance of success, if they pool resources and work together. With prices starting as low as $99 per month and speeds as high as 16 mbps, it's an ideal solution to connect hotspots, communities, tenant buildings and businesses to the Internet. 

SPEAKER:  Session #W4: The Well-diversified WISP

PANELIST:  Session #B5: Beyond the Mom-n-Pop WISP

PANELIST:  Session #V3: Avoiding the Pitfalls of VoIP Deployment

Tom Vest, Research Program Manager, Packet Clearing House

Tom Vest is Research Program Manager at Packet Clearing House, responsible for planning and coordinating network operations and policy studies for PCH’s government and private sector clients including Cisco Systems, DHSARPA, and the Soros Foundation. From 2000-2003 he worked for America Online Inc., first as international peering and infrastructure coordinator for ATDN/AS1668, then as the Tokyo-based Senior Network Operations Manager for Asia. Tom serves on the APRICOT advisory board, and currently co-chairs the Asia Pacific operations forum’s Program Committee. He is also an ABD Ph.D. candidate at the University of Southern California; portions of his dissertation research, "The Wealth of Networks", have been presented at APRICOT, NANOG, TPRC, and the University of California at Berkeley. 

MODERATOR:  Session #N6: Peer to Peer: The Peering Panel

Travis Johnson, Partner, Microserv Computer Technologies 

PANELIST:  Session #W3: Steering Clear of Common, Costly WISP Mistakes

Wendy Seltzer, Staff Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Wendy Seltzer is a Staff Attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, specializing in intellectual property and free speech issues. As a Fellow with Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Wendy founded and leads the Chilling Effects Clearinghouse, helping Internet users to understand their rights in response to cease-and-desist threats. Prior to joining EFF, Wendy taught Internet Law as an Adjunct Professor at St. John's University School of Law and practiced intellectual property and technology litigation with Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel in New York. Wendy speaks frequently on copyright, trademark, open source, and the public interest online. She has an A.B. from Harvard College and J.D. from Harvard Law School, and occasionally takes a break from legal code to program. 

SPEAKER:  Session #E1: Legal Maelstrom: Update from the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Will Pemble, CEO, Web.com

In leading Web.com’s rampant growth, Will Pemble drives and directs all aspects of business, technology and service development. Having led three previous Internet companies through every phase of a successful business lifecycle, Pemble draws on two decades of diverse experience with Internet and e-business development, achieving rapid success through innovative business strategies. In raising Web.com’s stature to a consistent ranking among the top 20 domain name registrars, Pemble has simultaneously expanded service offerings and reseller programs to sustain long-term profitability and differentiation, fostering alliances with industry-leading organizations from all facets of Internet content and service delivery. 

SPEAKER:  Session #H4: Selling Web Services: How to Win a Client Who Doesn't Really Know What He's Buying

William B. Norton, Co-founder and Chief Technical Liaison, Equnix Inc.

Mr. Norton has been researching Internet peering and interconnection for the last six years, documenting the processes, strategies and tactics used both domestically and internationally to obtain peering. His research has been published in the form of freely available network operations documents (NODs) that have been adopted for use at universities across the U.S. including Rutgers, MIT, RPI, Duke, UCBerkeley and others. His latest research has focused on international peering dynamics, particularly documenting the differences across "Internet peering ecosystems" in Asia. He has contributed these talks at more than 200 conferences around the world and is one of the leading experts in the area of Internet peering. Prior to working at Equinix, Mr. Norton chaired the NANOG forum. 

PANELIST:  Session #N6: Peer to Peer: The Peering Panel

Zach Levow, VP Engineering, Barracuda Networks

Zach Levow is a pioneer in mail server development, remote access, and the free Internet space. As Co-founder and Vice President of Engineering of Barracuda Networks, Zach leads the continued development of the Barracuda Spam Firewall Family of solutions. Prior to Barracuda Networks, Zach was Co-founder and Vice President of Engineering for Affinity Path, a self-service, private label and profitable DSL/dial-up ISP with over 4,000 partners. Prior to Affinity Path, Zach was co-founder and CTO of Spinway, Inc., the fastest growing ISP in history reaching eight million customers in just eight months before being acquired by Kmart Corporation in November 2001. Zach received his Bachelor of Science in Math and Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh. 

PANELIST:  Session #E5: Open Source Email Roundup

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