ISPCON Spring 2005

October 18-20, 2005
Santa Clara Convention Center
Santa Clara, CA

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Day/Time     Wireless Hosting Technology & Customers VoIP Business
9:00-10:00am   #W1
VoIP over Wireless: Developing and marketing profitable services
Hosting 2005: How to Win Against the Large Providers
The Impact of IMS on the Access Edge
Look Before You Leap: Assessing Your Network Readiness for VoIP
What's It Worth? Valuation and M&A Trends
9:00-10:00am   #S1
The 10 Must-Have Services your Customers Demand
10:15-11:15am   #W2
First Four Years as a WISP
Rebirth of the ASP - Profiting from SaaS and Managed Services
Beyond the Sender ID Framework. Understanding DKIM: Cryptography-Based Email Authentication
VoIP Build vs. Buy: Barriers to Entry
Customer-Centric Innovation to Drive Growth
11:30am-12:30pm   #W3
Strategies for Business-Focused WISPs
Securing Your (Web) Server With Open Source Tools
BitTorrent, Direct Connect and the Next Generation of Bandwidth Hogs
Turning to IP Voice to Generate New Revenue Streams
Top 10 Managed/Value-Added Services of Today and Tomorrow (and 5 to Avoid)

Driving the New Era of Competition: VoIP, WiMAX and Beyond

Charles E. Hoffman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Covad Communications Group

Day/Time     Wireless Hosting Technology & Customers VoIP Business
8:45-9:45am   #W4
Securing Wireless Networks with Open Source Tools
Hosting Reliable and Profitable Exchange Services
Getting Inside the Mind of Your Customer
Mitigating Network Security Risks of VoIP
The 10 Biggest Policy Issues Facing Your Business and What to Do About Them

Hosting 2.0: Building the Über-host

Moderator — David Snead, Attorney, W. David Snead, P.C.

Panelist — Robert Marsh, CEO, EV1Servers

Panelist — Warren Adelman, COO, GoDaddy

Panelist — Paul Stapleton, Industry Analyst and Banker, I$P HO$TING Report

Panelist — Mark Teolis, Chief Technology Officer, Peer 1 Network

3:00-4:00pm   #W5
Getting Your Share: The E-Rate WISP
Driving Profits with Development and E-Commerce Services
Securing Customers, Securing Their Data
QoS and Peering for VoIP/SIP Services
Muni Networks and You: Embracing the Reality
4:15-5:15pm   #W6
WiMAX: Experience from the Field
High-Quality Customer Service for Hosting
Love Technology? Use it to Win Customers
Handling The Top 5 Challenges of VoIP
The Business Case and Practice of Advocacy

Open Source Communications EXCHANGE
*You must have a conference pass to attend!*


*You must have a conference pass to attend!*

Day/Time     Wireless Hosting Technology & Customers VoIP Business
9:00-10:00am   #W7
Burning Bridges: Routing the Wireless Network
Making a Killing with Sarbox, Compliance and Archiving Services
Helping Customers Stay Safe
Packaging and Delivering Business-class Voice Services to SOHO and SME Customers
Your Best Business Options in the Kevin Martin Era
10:15-11:15am   #W8
Beyond the Wireless Panacea: Viable Options Revealed
Blog Hosting Services, Sound Models Amid the Hype
SEO for Fun and, You and Your Customers
Intro to Asterisk Open Source PBX
The Big Shift: Successful Exits, Funding New Models
11:30am-12:30pm   #W9
Financing Strategies for Broadband Wireless
Maximizing Your Data Center Dollars
Leveraging Open Source Tools for Email Systems
Advanced Asterisk Management and Programming
Connection as VAS Conduit, Optimizing a Profitable VAS Model