ISPCON Spring 2005

October 18-20, 2005
Santa Clara Convention Center
Santa Clara, CA

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Analyst and Association Partners

ISPCON would like to thank the following associations for their support of this event.


American Alliance of Service Providers (AASP)
AASP's mission: Working for the common good of its members and based on group size, AASP is focused on helping ISPs prosper by finding revenue sources for them, by helping them to cut costs on products and services and by providing value-added services to their customers to reduce churn. Our goal: To unite as many ISPs as possible and leverage it as buying power. This allows AASP, as a group, to obtain lower rates on products and services, and attract national advertisers. Our membership: Currently AASP has 800+ member ISPs, serving more than five million end users.


The California ISP Association (CISPA)
The California ISP Association (CISPA) provides California Internet service providers and their customers with a unified voice to address regulatory, business and service issues as well as to support innovation within the ISP industry.



Federation of Internet Solution Providers of the Americas (FISPA)
Since 1996 FISPA has represented the interests of Internet solution oroviders. We call our members solution providers because our members are companies who provide a whole range of services including Internet access, web hosting, web design and an ever-increasing number of other services all which use the Internet to facilitate a solution. We offer our members education and a place to network and facilitate discussion. We provide discounts on products and services which we collectively use from vendors such as Bell South, Sprint and Internet Business Consulting. We educate the public about the importance of the Internet industry. We support quality standards and practices for Internet solutions providers. We create a single voice presenting the concerns of the Internet industry. FISPA was created to meet these challenges.


Maravedis is an objective, third-party research and analysis firm focusing on broadband wireless technologies including WiMAX, 802.20, TD-CDMA and Wireless Local Loop Systems. Maravedis works with equipment vendors, service providers, regulators, the investment community and others to produce the MOST reliable analysis of emerging market trends, competitive analysis and market forecasts that resist the test of time. For more information, visit


Washington Bureau for ISP Advocacy (WBIA)
The Washington Bureau for ISP Advocacy (WBIA) serves as a grassroots educational organization and an advocate on behalf of ISPs, CLECs, WISPs, technology innovators, suppliers, aggregators and consumers who recognize the need for choice and call for retaining the first tier of specialized, competitive ISP connectivity to the Internet!


Wireless Communicatins Alliance (WCA)
WCA founded in 1993, is a Silicon Valley-based, nonprofit corporation dedicated to the mutual benefit of Northern California companies and organizations involved in wireless communication technologies. WCA addresses more than 2000 individuals and 350+ companies and organizations. The goals of the WCA are to promote education, networking and exchange of non-proprietary information; increase awareness of Northern California's vast wireless capabilities; and assist a broad spectrum of companies, including start-ups. The WCA organizes monthly meetings with presentations on a wide spectrum of topics including the technical and marketing aspects of wireless products and services, regulatory issues, wireless standards and investor-driven wireless market analysis.


World Organization of Webmasters (WOW)
WOW is a non-profit professional association dedicated to the support of individuals and organizations who create, manage or market websites. WOW provides education as well as certification, technical, employment and member advantage services to thousands of aspiring and practicing web professionals worldwide.

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