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Akshay Sharma, Director - Telecom Applications, CopperCom

Akshay Sharma has an extensive background in telecom switching: access with ISDN, GR-303, VoDSL and Packetcable. He was the Manager of Networks Engineering at Bell Canada in the '80s, deploying Network Management systems, Billing systems, X.25 and ISDN systems. He then worked for Northern Telecom, Telia's Telelogic and DSET in several technical management capacities. Sharma held Director of Product Management positions at TollBridge, Convergent Networks, and Gluon Networks. At Tollbridge, he achieved one of the largest VoDSL deployments at Mpower, with over 200,000 subscribers and the first packetcable deployments at Adelphia, Comcast where his product management team helped define the cablelabs LCS standard (NCS to GR-303 RDT). At Covergent Networks, his product management team helped define the cablelabs CMSS standard (replacing SIP-T) with Convergent achieving over 2 million ports deployed and 3 billion billable minutes per month. 

PANELIST:  Real World VoIP Deployment Workshop - Part 2

Alex Goldman, Associate Editor,

Alex Goldman was a technical writer at ABE Corporation in Tokyo, Japan, preparing manuals for cellular phones and other equipment during the transition from analog to digital technologies. He returned to the U.S. and edited for Simon & Schuster before joining ISP-Planet. For articles written by Alex please visit: Including his anti-spam directory (which continues to grow) 

PANELIST:  Head to Head: He Said / He Said - ISP Valuations in 2004

Andy Randall, General Manager, North America, MetaSwitch

Andy Randall first joined Data Connection in 1988 as an intern, before going on to Oxford University where he graduated with an MA in Mathematics and Philosophy. He subsequently gained an MSc (with distinction) in Software Engineering from the University of Stirling, Scotland before returning to Data Connection as a software engineer in 1994.

Much of Andy's career has been spent in engineering management, including positions as lead architect and project manager in the area of Internet communications technologies, leading to several industry-first innovations in the field of real-time VoIP, video and data-conferencing. He progressed into a general management role with responsibility for business generation, development, product management, and support of OEM and service provider customers including Cisco, Sun, BT and France Telecom.

Andy relocated to California in 2001 to head up MetaSwitch's Bay Area office with responsibility for business development and marketing of the company’s VP3500 softswitch product line in North America. In this role, Andy has been instrumental in MetaSwitch’s successful market positioning, and is one of the industry’s leading evangelists for the adoption of VoIP and softswitch technologies by independent and competitive carriers. Andy now lives in Berkeley, California, with his wife and daughter. 

PANELIST:  Real World VoIP Deployment Workshop - Part 3

April Young, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Comerica Bank 

PANELIST:  Debt and Equity Sources in Today's Market

Art Sebastiano, VP - Sales & Marketing, North Atlantic Internet, Inc.

Mr. Sebastiano joined North Atlantic Internet, Inc. in December 2002 and
serves as Director of Sales and Marketing. He is responsible for all
sales channel operations and marketing for the company.

Mr. Sebastiano brings over 15 years experience in the High Tech and
DataCom sectors to North Atlantic Internet, Inc. He has held a variety
of senior and executive "C" level positions, most recently with Ericsson
where he helped establish the Data Backbone and Optical Networks
Division serving the IP needs of large carrier class ISP's and country
Telco providers.

He is well versed in the Enterprise business market and brings extensive
knowledge of the data and IP only business segments from his work with
AT&T, Telia, Sprint, British Telecom and other large providers.

In his career Mr. Sebastiano has been responsible for Sales, Order
Management, Information Technology and Marketing operations for both
domestic and global organizations.

Mr. Sebastiano graduated from the University of Vermont in 1987 with a
B.S. in Business Administration/Finance. 

PANELIST:  Are ISPs Giving Away the Store?

Barbara Esbin, Associate Bureau Chief, Media Bureau, Federal Communications Commissin 

PANELIST:  The FCC Update: Broadband Proceedings

Bill Balez, Director, Systems Engineering, Integral Access 

PANELIST:  Real World VoIP Deployment Workshop - Part 1

Bill Ferguson, VP Marketing, NovaStor Corporation

Bill Ferguson is a veteran of more than 30 years in the computer, communications and software industries. As head of marketing for NovaStor Corporation, he continues his innovative leadership in bringing new marketing concepts to the industry. Previously, Bill was the CEO of Imperito, the first Internet-based VPN ASP that delivered it's services through service providers. Bill started his career at IBM and has held senior management positions in a number of hardware and software companies including DEC, Compaq, and Progress Software, amongst others. 

SPEAKER:  Selling and Supplying Remote Backup Services

Bret Mingo, CEO, Core Communications, Inc. (CoreTel) 

PANELIST:  Financing Growth and New Market Opportunities

Brett Glass, President, LARIAT

Brett Glass has more than 20 years of experience designing, building, writing about, and crash-testing computer hardware and software. A consultant, author, and programmer based in Laramie, Wyoming, Glass obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Case Institute of Technology and his MSEE from Stanford. He plans networks, builds and configures servers, outlines technical strategies, designs embedded systems, and writes highly-optimized "inner loop" assembly language (the key to software performance) for clients nationwide. He is also an accomplished Webmaster and UNIX system administrator. During his long and eclectic career, Brett has written portions of the code and/or documentation for such widely varied products as Borland's Pascal "toolboxes" and compilers, Living Videotext's ThinkTank, Cisco Systems routers and terminal servers, Earthstation diskless workstations, and Texas Instruments' TMS380 Token Ring networking chipset. When he's not writing, consulting, speaking, or cruising the Web in search of adventure, he may be playing the Ashbory bass, teaching Internet courses for LARIAT (Laramie's community network and Internet users' group), cooking up a storm, or enjoying spicy ethnic food. 

SPEAKER:  Setting up VPNs & Tunneling for Remote Administration

SPEAKER:  Guerilla DSL: How to Deploy Dry Copper

PANELIST:  The WISP-CEO Panel: Is Wireless Right for Your Market?

Brock Henderson, Marketing Consultant, Brock Henderson & Associates

In an Internet industry filled with computer geeks, Brock Henderson is a self-described "marketing geek." Henderson finds almost all aspects of marketing interesting and down right enjoyable. On vacation, he visits different shopping malls just to see what they are doing from a marketing perspective. During the past 25+ years, Henderson has owned a small successful advertising agency for 10 years; taught marketing at a small University for six years; held a minority interest in a telemarketing firm; given marketing seminars to businesses; written about effective marketing, and for 3 years was the director of marketing for IgLou Internet Services, the Louisville, Kentucky region's first and largest Internet service provider. 

SPEAKER:  ISP-Marketing Fundamentals Workshop: Advertising & Promotion - Part 1

SPEAKER:  ISP-Marketing Fundamentals Workshop: Selling and Referrals - Part 2

SPEAKER:  ISP-Marketing Fundamentals Workshop: Bringing It All Together - Part 3

Carol Mattey, Deputy Bureau Chief, Wireline Competition Bureau, Federal Communications Commission 

PANELIST:  The FCC Update: Broadband Proceedings

Catherine Jewitt, Consulting Engineer, CopperCom Inc

Catherine Jewitt is responsible for CopperCom’s Professional Services organization. This organization assists start-up CLECs and ISPs with their regulatory and industry requirements.

Before joining CopperCom, Catherine was a consultant for various start-up CLECs. Prior to becoming a Consultant she worked for SBC for 30 years. In her last assignment with SBC, she was part of a special team formed to review and implement the Federal Telecom Act of 1996 (FTA). In this role, Catherine was responsible for writing methods and procedures for implementing the FTA. She also worked with start up CLECs assisting them in their implementation of their Interconnection Agreements and their interconnection to the SBC Network. 

PANELIST:  ISP to ISP/CLEC Workshop: Equipment Options - Part 3

Charles Wiebe, Principal & Co-Founder, BIA Digital Partners, LP

Chuck is a member of BIA Digital Partners Investment Committee and has been a Managing Director of BIA Capital Corp. since joining the firm in 1996. He has been actively involved in the firm’s financial consulting activities and has personally arranged over $400 million in funding for BIA Capital clients since 2000. Prior to joining BIA, Mr. Wiebe was a Vice President with Mellon Bank for over three years and a Vice President with American Security Bank before joining Mellon. Mr. Wiebe is a graduate of Cornell University with a B.A. in Comparative Literature and History. 

PANELIST:  Debt and Equity Sources in Today's Market

Damian Kunko, CEO, Rural Broadband Coalition

Damian Kunko is co-founder and CEO of the Rural Broadband Coalition (RBC). Mr. Kunko has extensive experience with Federal issues surrounding the development of broadband policies relevant to rural areas. He is a speaker and author on the Rural Utilities Service Broadband Loan/Grant programs and works with providers in the creation of rural broadband projects for RUS funding review.

Kunko formed RBC after serving as Director of Consulting Services for Adaptive Systems International (ASI). In this position he was primarily responsible for the oversight and development of client activities related to the development of applications for Rural Utilities Service funding. Mr. Kunko also managed the day-to-day operations of ASI as it pertains to business development (federal and commercial), contract administration, and personnel management.

Previously, Mr. Kunko was engaged as a government relation's specialist and provided representation for clients in the technology and healthcare industry, most notably, the Raytheon corporation. For Raytheon, Kunko provided analysis and strategic guidance related to Homeland Security and Biowarfare issues. Mr. Kunko's key contacts with Congress include, but are not limited to, the Washington State Congressional Delegation and the House Appropriations Committee. 

MODERATOR:  DC 101 Workshop: RUS Mini-Workshop 1: Success Stories, Do’s and Don’ts

Dave Robertson, President, STIC.NET, LP, President, TISPA, Texas ISP Association

David Robertson has led STIC.NET to the position of dominant ISP in the San Antonio market. Under Robertson's leadership as President of the Texas Internet Service Provider's Association, that group has become the largest State ISP association in the country. The Federal Communications Commission has attested that TISPA has been more effective in influencing national policy than all other ISP trade associations/groups
combined. Taking a direct role in the challenges to the association, Robertson is the primary negotiator to the FCC, U.S. Congress, the house commerce committee, the Public
Utilities Commission of Texas. 

SPEAKER:  Customer Service: The Real Internet Backbone


David Brussin, Software Architect, Network & Gateway Security Solution Group, Symantec Corporation

David Brussin is a recognized expert on anti-spam, technical information security and privacy issues, and is a software architect at Symantec in the Network and Gateway Security solution group. Prior to joining Symantec, he was co-founder and CTO of TurnTide where he oversaw the technical development of the company's anti-spam systems, as well as all client implementation and ongoing services. Brussin also worked as CTO for the ePrivacy Group, where he focused on creating new technology to address spam and email security problems including the Trusted Sender program and TEOS (Trusted Email Open Standard). Brussin was recently named to the 2004 list of the world's 100 Top Young Innovators by Technology Review, MIT's Magazine of Innovation. Technology Review recognized Brussin for his groundbreaking contributions in information security, including his development of secure information handling processes and electronic business systems as well as novel solutions to spam and email security problems. 

SPEAKER:  Securing Your Network Fabric against DDoS, Worms and Spam

David Kaplan, VP, LocalNet Corp. 

PANELIST:  Financing Growth and New Market Opportunities

David Murray, Executive Vice President, Propel Software Corporation

David Murray, Executive Vice President for Propel Software has over 23 years of software development experience, having experienced both the technical and management sides of the equation. With Propel since it’s inception, David has worked with hundreds of ISPs in rolling out web acceleration to their subscriber base. In fact, David presented at last year's ISPCON conference, on the topic of evaluating dial-up web accelerators.

Most recently, David co-founded Medici Technology, which developed and marketed data mining, GIS analysis, and strategic marketing software tailored specifically for the community banking market place. Before Medici, David co-founded the internet services business at Geographic Services Corporation (GSC), and prior to GSC, David co-founded Frame Technology. 

PANELIST:  Getting the Most from Dial-Up Acceleration

Deb Jackson, RUS Financial Analyst, Telecommunications Program

Deb Jackson is a Financial Analyst with the Broadband Team of the Rural Utilities Service Telecommunications program. Ms. Jackson was instrumental in writing the regulation and implementing the Rural Broadband Access Loan and Loan Guarantee Program authorized by the 2002 Farm Bill.

Deb joined RUS in 1997, as a financial analyst with the Financial Services Staff which specialized in troubled debt restructuring. In 2000, she was selected to serve a one-year detail in the office of Senator Max Baucus where she worked on rural telecommunications issues. Upon her return to RUS she was reassigned to the Office of the Program Advisor in the Telecommunications Program working on special projects for the Assistant Administrator, Telecommunications.

Prior to her service with RUS, Ms. Jackson worked at the Farm Credit Administration, the federal regulatory agency for the Farm Credit System, first as a Credit Examiner, then as a Financial Analyst primarily responsible for performing quantitative analyses of legislation, proposed regulations, mergers, and financial assistance requests.

Ms. Jackson received her bachelor’s degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, where she also completed post-graduate work in Agricultural Economics. 

PANELIST:  DC 101 Workshop: RUS Mini-Workshop 1: Success Stories, Do’s and Don’ts

Derek Schipper, Manager, TDS Internet Services, Telephone and Data Systems

Derek Schipper has been involved in the Helpdesk industry since 1995. He's held every position from analyst to trainer to leadership positions. The past seven years have been working in management of a helpdesk environment. As manager of a mid sized ISP technical support group, he's gained valuable knowledge about the industry, our customers and the financial impact of unlimited customer support. His knowledge of the Internet support area and overall Helpdesk productivity allows him to provide a relevant and entertaining presentation on providing cost effective support that the customers and the company are excited about. 

SPEAKER:  How to Provide Quality Technical Support that's Friendly to the Bottom Line!

Donny Smith, President and CEO, Jaguar Communications

Donny Smith began working in the telecommunications arena in 1974. He has worked in various technology fields including software engineering, RF design, ISP and CLEC. He is currently working with traditional voice, voice over IP networks and fiber optics to the premises. Mr. Smith has a Computer Science degree from Mankato State University and an MBA from the University of Rochester, Simon Graduate School of Business. 

MODERATOR:  Real World VoIP Deployment Workshop - Part 1

MODERATOR:  Real World VoIP Deployment Workshop - Part 2

MODERATOR:  Real World VoIP Deployment Workshop - Part 3


Doug Luce, Founder and President, Telerama Internet

Doug Luce is founder and president of Telerama Internet, an Internet Service and Wireless HotSpot Provider headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Luce has over 15 years of experience in the fields of Internet services, technical consulting and software engineering. The third ISP in the world, Luce launched Telerama in 1991 while a student at Carnegie Mellon University. Since the formation of Telerama, Luce has advised numerous technology startups and venture teams on both the technology and market sides of the business equation. Every year he serves as the IT Services Chair for SCinet, the International Conference for High Performance Computing and Communications. Luce holds a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University. He is married and the father of two young children. 


Doug McDonald, Principal, Branch Run Communications

As Principal of Branch Run Communications, Doug McDonald works closely with partners from both the service provider and vendor community alike to conceive, build and strengthen profitable partnerships. A proponent of the independent service provider, Branch Run Communications works closely with select industry leading firms to strengthen their market position and profitability. Prior to founding Branch Run Communications, Doug spent the last decade working to forge lasting partnerships in the service provider community while holding sales and marketing positions at such industry leaders as Tucows and Hostopia. 

PANELIST:  The Best and Worst of Value-Added Services

Dustin Jurman, President and Senior Scientist, Rapid Systems Corporation

Dustin Jurman and his sister Denise Jurman founded Rapid Systems Corp. in 1994. The Tampa, Florida-based high speed broadband communications provider operates digital subscriber line (DSL), dial and frame-relay platforms throughout the southeastern United States. Rapid Systems also supports nine towers in the Tampa Bay market covering more than 600 square miles. It has been named one of Tampa’s Top 50 companies.
His background includes more than 15 years in the information technology (IT) industry. At GTE, he was responsible for designing network infrastructure. Prior to that he was director of network infrastructure at CompUSA, and he also has been responsible for designing high-tech solutions in the healthcare industry. 

PANELIST:  Broadband Wireless Access: An Alternative to Cable and DSL for Internet, VoIP & Video Applications

Ed Myers, Principal, Anthony Advisors

Ed has spent over 10 years in the Telecommunications Industry as a Consultant and Industry Analyst. He has worked with AT&T, Level(3), British Telecom and SAIC on a variety of Data Communications initiatives including: IP roll-out, the evolving VoIP marketplace and regulatory policy shaping, and advanced applications. A graduate of the University of Virginia, Ed continues to live in Charlottesville, Virginia with his wife and two children. 

PANELIST:  Debt and Equity Sources in Today's Market

Eden Recor, Owner, Grand County Internet Services

Eden Recor has been a successful ISP owner and operator for over 10 years. In 2001 he started looking into unlicensed wireless Internet services. In the most recent 6 months, Grand County has gone full time into wireless services, hired qualified installation support and is doing numerous upgrades for customers. He has gone through the process of self financing, leasing and back to self financing. He has experience with business plans that work and some that do not. Eden brings real-world insight for those who are planning to add wireless services, how to determine the costs and other considerations that go into starting up the business of wireless. He has taught internet computer classes in adult education to promote use of the internet and its benefits as well as educating engineers on technical subjects during his years at Lockheed. He holds a BS in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and a Masters in Computer Information Systems. 

PANELIST:  The WISP-CEO Panel: Is Wireless Right for Your Market?

Edmund J. Thomas, Chief of the Office of the Engineering and Technology (OET), Federal Communications Commission

Edmond J. Thomas in his 36-year career has held senior positions in R&D, strategic planning, operations, regulatory matters, and telecommunication network design and implementation. On February 1, 2002, he was appointed Chief of the Office of the Engineering and Technology (OET) at the Federal Communications Commission. Prior to joining the Commission, Mr. Thomas served as President and CEO of RSL USA, a $500 million dollar international telecommunications company. In 1998 he was named one of the 50 most influential people in long distance by Phone Plus Magazine. Prior to his tenure at RSL USA, Ed was President of Science and Technology at Bell Atlantic. In this position he was responsible for Bell Atlantic’s new products and service development. In this position he also had full operational and P&L responsibilities for Bell Atlantic’s large customer data products and services. He has also served on the academic advisory boards of the University of Colorado, the Polytechnic University and the State University of New York College of Technology.

During his career, Mr. Thomas has been responsible for many innovative endeavors, some of which include:

• Grew RSL USA from a $120 million in revenue to $500 million in one year while improving profitability by a factor of 5.
• Analyzed and negotiated several $100 million plus acquisitions.
• Redesigned and streamlined RSL USA’s business by integrating four stand alone businesses into one.
• Led the Bell Atlantic’s Science and Technology Inc. (an organization of over 700 people) to ISO/TicKIT certification.
• Pioneered a new approach to organizational and work process redesign. Combined technologists, psychologists, and anthropologists as well as union and management into organizational design teams. This approach resulted in documented savings in excess of $100 million for Bell Atlantic.
• Developed and brought to market the first telephony based speech recognition system. Licensed the technology to US west and Southwestern Bell.
• Established Bell Atlantic as a premier developer and user of expert systems. As a result, Bell Atlantic was named a runner up in the global competition for the Adleman Award.
• Pioneered the use of global information systems in the prediction of signal quality for mobile telephone networks.

Mr. Thomas has lectured many times at industry forums and at the university level on the future of telecommunications and technology applications and impacts. He is also the holder of several patents in the area of data and voice communications. He is on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Network and System Management and is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. 

KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Wireless Communications Policy and Progress

Elliot Noss, President and CEO, Tucows Inc.

A self-confessed contrarian with compelling opinions on a wide range of industry issues, Elliot Noss is a skilled presenter in all forums. Active in the industry, he has taken a leading role in ICANN reform and registrar issues, advocating on behalf of small and medium-sized ISPs and Web hosting companies. Articulate, focused and media-savvy, he is a frequent guest speaker at industry events; appears regularly as a panelist on Canada's Report on Business Television (ROBtv) as part of Michael Vaughn's Bottom Line Tech Tuesday; and most recently participated in a panel discussion at the Digital ID World Conference 2002 on The Role of DNS and Registries in Identity Management. Noss has a BA from the University of Toronto and an MBA and LLB from the University of Western Ontario. 

SPEAKER:  Living in a World of Multiple Service Providers

SPEAKER:  The Best and Worst of Value-Added Services


Evans Mullan, Vice President - Business Development, First Avenue Networks

Mr. Mullan has been in the telecommunications industry for 23 years and with First Avenue Networks since its inception in 2001. Prior to joining First Avenue Networks, Mr. Mullan served as a Vice President in Operations at Winstar with executive responsibility for several different areas: the Network Management Center, the Operations Support staff, and Customer Provisioning. He also held several management positions in Revenue Assurance and Program Management. Prior to Winstar he led the start up effort of the Consulting Services Division of Net2000. He also has fifteen years of sales and sales management experience with Bell Atlantic and Hill Associates (Burlington, VT), and has sold complex telecom solutions to Federal and top commercial accounts and technical consulting services to national telecom carriers. Mr. Mullan has lectured extensively on advanced communications topics to both domestic and international audiences. 

SPEAKER:  Secondary Markets in Licensed Spectrum

Fred Goldstein, Principal, Ionary Consulting

Fred Goldstein is principal of Ionary Consulting, where he advises companies on technical, regulatory and business issues related to the telecommunications and Internet industries, especially in areas where the two overlap. He has helped numerous CLECs navigate the startup process, helping them deal simultaneously with technical, regulatory and business
issues. He assists service providers in network design, business modeling, planning, and technical architecture. He has frequently been an expert witness in intercarrier compensation and network interconnection cases. He has worked with enterprise networks on a wide range of matters such as backbone network design, voice systems planning, and traffic engineering.

Prior to starting Ionary, he worked for Arthur D. Little Inc., BBN Corp., and Digital Equipment Corp. The author of numerous articles and the book _ISDN In Perspective_, he has served on standards committees in areas such as ATM networks and Frame Relay, and has taught courses for Northeastern University and National Technological University. 

PANELIST:  ISP to ISP/CLEC Workshop: Panel Two- Making the New CLEC Work, Implementation Issues - Part 2

PANELIST:  ISP to ISP/CLEC Workshop: Equipment Options - Part 3

Gary Kibel, Attorney, Davis & Gilbert LLP

Gary Kibel is a former IT professional turned lawyer and now practices in
the areas of New Media, Advertising and Intellectual Property law with Davis
& Gilbert in New York.

Davis & Gilbert's clients include wireless carriers; broadband providers;
advertising, media and public relations agencies; software development
companies; technology providers; and Internet trade associations. Gary
regularly counsels clients regarding issues such as wired and wireless
services, privacy and security, interactive advertising, spam, technology
and content licensing, joint ventures, sponsorship and marketing
arrangements and enterprise-wide technology implementations. He has spoken
at Internet World and American Bar Association conferences.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Gary was an information systems analyst with
the Investment Banking Division of Merrill Lynch & Co. 

SPEAKER:  Wireless but not Lawless: Successful Business Management of the Legal Landscape

Graham Anthony, President, Anthony Advisors

Graham Anthony has been involved in Merger & Acquisition work for over ten years. At Anthony Advisors, Inc. ("AAI"), Graham has completed several dozen acquisitions of ISPs and Hosting Companies as a Buy-Side Advisor for AAI's clients as well as acted as agent for his clients in the successful sale of three Datacom businesses. Prior to forming AAI, Graham worked at Bankers Trust in its Leveraged Finance Department working as part of a team to provide acquisition finance for the bank's top Private Equity Clients as well as in Mergers & Acquisition work.

Notable transactions in which Graham Anthony has been involved include: financing the initial build up of Chancellor Broadcasting (an aggregation of dozens of radio stations, now part of Clear Channel); acquiring assets of Winstar for EarthLink; and acting as agent for VisiNet in the sale of its ISP to Continental Broadband. Through AAI, he has worked as a buy-side advisor for large private equity funds including Quaker Capital Management, The Jordan Company and Republic-Financial, as well as for notable firms including EarthLink, Allbritton Communications and others.

Graham received his MBA from the University of Virginia's Darden School, where he received a Batten Fellowship, and his BA from the University of Virginia's College of Arts & Sciences. 

SPEAKER:  Debt and Equity Sources in Today's Market

Guy Chenard, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, Integral Access

Guy brings more than 20 years of communications industry experience to Integral Access. He is a proven industry veteran who has successfully driven a broad range of communications systems to market leadership positions. Guy joined Integral Access from Premisys Communications, which was acquired by Zhone Technologies, where he was General Manager of broadband products and Senior Director of Business Management. He has held key management positions in business development, sales and marketing with Harris Farinon Division in both the US and Canada. Guy holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal University in Quebec, Canada. 

PANELIST:  Real World VoIP Deployment Workshop - Part 2

Harold Feld, Associate Director, Media Access Project

Harold Feld, MAP's Associate Director, joined MAP in August 1999 after practicing communications, Internet, and energy law at Covington & Burling. Mr. Feld served as co-chair of the Federal Communications Bar Association's Online Committee, and has written numerous articles on Internet law and communications policy for trade publications and legal journals. Mr. Feld won the 2000 Burton Award for excellence in writing by a nonacademic. Mr. Feld graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University in 1989, and magna cum laude from Boston University Law School in 1993. Mr. Feld clerked for the Hon. John M. Ferren of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. 

PANELIST:  Update on FCC Proceedings Affecting License Exempt Spectrum

J.H. Snider, Senior Research Fellow, New America Foundation

James Snider came to New America after a year in the United States Senate where he served as an American Political Science Association Congressional Fellow in Communications and Public Policy. Mr. Snider is a graduate of Harvard College and holds graduate degrees in political science from Northwestern University and in business administration from the Harvard Business School. Mr. Snider has had op-eds published in numerous newspapers including The Washington Post, U.S.A. Today, and The Chicago Tribune. He is the co-author of Future Shop, one of the first books on the emerging area of e-commerce. He has also published numerous reports, including the acclaimed Citizen's Guide to the Airwaves. 

SPEAKER:  Update on FCC Proceedings Affecting License Exempt Spectrum

Jack Unger, CEO, CEO, Wireless InfoNet

Jack Unger, the Founder and President Wireless InfoNet, Inc has been serving the broadband wireless industry for the past eleven years. Since 1993, he has designed, built, and provided support for hundreds of outdoor wireless WANs and wireless ISP (WISP) networks. In 2001 he created the world’s first vendor-neutral WISP training and deployment seminar which he presents at public and private sessions around the country as well as at wireless industry trade shows. In 2003 he authored the first-ever book for the license-free wireless WAN industry, “Deploying License-Free Wireless WANs”. This vendor-neutral handbook (published by Cisco Press) helps WISPs successfully build and operate reliable outdoor license-free wireless networks. Mr. Unger currently provides consulting services, network engineering, WISP design and deployment training, wireless site surveys, and on-site network troubleshooting for WISPs nationwide.

In addition to Mr. Unger’s eleven years of broadband wireless service, his career includes fourteen years with telecommunications giants ROLM, IBM, Siemens, and NEC in California’s “Silicon Valley”. Before his work in the telecommunications industry, Mr. Unger sold wireless communications equipment, including radio and television broadcast station equipment for seven years. Jack credits his advancement in the broadband wireless field to his original “initiation” into wireless as an amateur radio operator at the age of eleven.

Jack has earned AA, AS, and BA degrees, holds FCC Amateur Extra and General Radiotelephone licenses, as well as an FAA Private Pilot license. From 1990 until 2001 Jack served as a volunteer Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician in the redwoods of Santa Cruz County, California. 

SPEAKER:  Managing Noise and Interference

James A. Stenger, Attorney, Thelen Reid & Priest, LLP

James (Jim) Stenger is an attorney with the law firm of Thelen Reid & Priest LLP ( who handles transactional and regulatory work for telecommunications and technology companies. He is a magna cum laude graduate of Georgetown University Law Center. He represents dial-up ISP's in transitioning to new broadband services and in M&A matters. He has been working with clients on broadband over power lines (BPL) since 2001 and wrote the first FCC filing on BPL in January 2002 that lead the FCC to issue its BPL NPRM in January 2004. He has worked with clients on cable television matters for over ten years, including negotiation of a variety of contracts and handling of cable franchising and service issues. He is currently involved in negotiating telecommunications service contracts and agreements for the provisioning of IP VPN and VOIP services for clients including Tier 1 Internet and international service providers. 

PANELIST:  Broadband Over Power Lines and Cable Television Systems: What ISPs Need to Know

James F. Ruffer III, CEO, UnixBox

Mr. Ruffer's prior experience includes a position as Albany Sales Engineer and Sales Trainer for Fairpoint Communications where he acquired invaluable experience and
contacts in the telecom and CLEC industries, and a position as Systems Administrator and Manager for a local ISP - EmpireOne Incorporated where he excelled in managing a
variety of employee's as well as experience with many different technical systems. In addition Mr. Ruffer has earned certification as a Novell CNA, a Microsoft MCSE,
Cisco CCNA, and BSDI administration. 

SPEAKER:  Managing the Sales Force

Jayson Ferron, CIO, Interactive Security Training

CIO for Interactive Security Training, LLC. Jay's work includes E-commerce,
VPN work, security audit, workflow process, training, windows and Linux
enterprise designs and installs. He works with Internet providers on
infrastructure designs, and security. Jay has taught at colleges and
co-authored 2 books on security. As a speaker Jay has presented at Comdex,
Tech Forum Managers meetings, Future Forum 2000, Corporate Advisory Board,
CTEXPO, Web Developer conference, to name a few. 

SPEAKER:  SWOT for the ISP Security Workshop - Part 1

SPEAKER:  Active Monitoring for the ISP Security Workshop - Part 2

SPEAKER:  Gaining Additional Revenue with Security Offerings Security Workshop - Part 3

Jeff Carlisle, Sr. Deputy Bureau Chief, Wireline Competition Bureau, Federal Communications Commission 

PANELIST:  The FCC Update: IP-enabled Service Proceedings

Jeffery Goldthorp, Chief, Network Technology Div, Office of Engineering and Technology, Federal Communications Commission 

PANELIST:  The FCC Update: IP-enabled Service Proceedings

Jim Nail, Head of Internet Research - Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

As part of the Devices, Media, & Marketing team, Jims current research agenda addresses strategies and best practices in integrated marketing with a focus on how the Internet can augment the impact of TV, print, and other traditional marketing tools. He works closely with analysts who cover consumers changing media consumption habits, CRM, marketing automation, and database marketing.

His coverage includes marketings changing face as consumers adopt on-demand media and is lead analyst on email marketing strategies and best practice; email services providers; marketing measurement techniques and tools; and online advertising.

Jim has a deep background in integrated marketing through his 22-year career that spans online marketing, brand advertising, and direct marketing. Prior to joining Forrester, he helped launch Web advertising network AdSmart, where he served as director of marketing. Jim helped formulate business strategy, developed functional specifications, directed product development, and planned the companys launch campaign.

Before his foray into Internet advertising, Jim spent 15 years at leading advertising agencies, planning and managing integrated marketing campaigns. He began his career at Ogilvy & Mather Direct, working on the American Express and ChemLawn Services accounts. He then moved to Draft Worldwide where he won significant AT&T assignments for the agency. He moved to Bates USA to create the position of director of direct marketing, developing direct marketing strategies for traditional advertising clients like Warner-Wellcome and the US Armed Forces.
Jim moved to Boston to work on John Hancock and A.T. Cross at Hill Holliday.

For the past two years, Jim has been listed in the top 100 of BtoB magazines Whos Who in the business-to-business space.

Jim is a graduate of Williams College. He enjoys gardening, classical music, Scottish bagpipes, and long walks with his three dogs. 

PANELIST:  The New Economics of Email

Joe Laszlo, Sr. Analyst, Broadband & Wireless, Jupiter Media Research

As a senior analyst covering broadband and the PC & Console Games market, Joseph Laszlo plays a key role in Jupiter Research's strategic analysis of new interactive platforms. Laszlo has contributed to Jupiter Research reports on consumer adoption of broadband technologies, cost drivers for broadband applications, and the growth of home networks. Starting as an outgrowth of his coverage of broadband, Laszlo has also examined the range of strategies being deployed by the video game industry to take advantage of faster connectivity to the home. He has reviewed and analyzed models ranging from electronic software delivery (ESD) to streaming software, to virtual worlds and multiplayer gaming.

Laszlo joined Jupiter Research in March 1999. He has an extensive background of research experience examining the deployment of new media and Internet technologies, including issues related to content distribution and wireless and non-PC access. His opinions have been sought by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and NPR, and he has appeared on ABC World News Tonight, the BBC and CNN. He has spoken at numerous industry conferences and events, including Internet World, Comdex, the CTIA Wireless IT conference, CTAM, as well as Jupiter Research's own Media, Advertising, Entertainment and Global Wireless forums.

Laszlo joined Jupiter Research after working as a consultant with Economics and Technology, Inc., a Boston-based research firm specializing in telecommunications and economic and regulatory policy issues.

Laszlo holds an M.A. from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and a B.A. in East Asian studies, magna cum laude, from Columbia University. He lives in New York City. 

MODERATOR:  Getting the Most from Dial-Up Acceleration

Joel Sam, President, is the Internet's most visible online portal for purchasing connectivity services from major backbone providers including (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, MCI, Qwest, Savvis and others. I have been in the telecom space for 7 years including positions working directly or indirectlty with CAIS Internet, MCI, and Digex among others. As a vendor neutral brokerage I have a unique perspective on the needs of ISP's which account for about 40% of our customer base. This allows me to provide comprehensive information to my audience based on a wide range of experiences from many providers. Most recent conference speaking engagements include he Schooley Mitchell Telecom Cosultants Conference and the Broadband Wireless East Conference. 

SPEAKER:  Negotiating Favorable Upstream Contracts and Terms

John Todd, Networking and VoIP Consultant, VoIP Inc.

John Todd has worked extensively in VoIP platforms ranging from enterprise to ITSP architectures. He has worked with various manufacturers of SIP CPE working towards improving "real-world" implementations of VoIP in public networks. He has extensive experience with Asterisk, IP routing, as well as SIP call delivery systems. He rarely sleeps. 

SPEAKER:  Roll Your Own VoIP with Asterisk

Julius Knapp, Deputy Chief, Office of Engineering and Technology, Federal Communications Commission 

PANELIST:  The FCC Update: IP-enabled Service Proceedings

Kathryn Korostoff, President, Sage Research Inc.

Kathryn Korostoff, president of Sage Research Inc., has been analyzing network-related technology and market trends for more than 15 years. Her recent research studies have focused on IP telephony, IP-based VPNs, mobile IP, service level agreements and wireless LANs. Prior to founding Sage in 1993, she held market research and product management positions at NBI, International Data Corporation and Motorola Codex. 

SPEAKER:  Minimizing Customer Churn by Maximizing Customer Loyalty

Ken Kuchno, RUS Director of the Broadband Loan and Loan Guarantee Program, Telecommunications Program

Kenneth Kuchno is an 1980 Pennsylvania State University graduate.
He received B.S. in Electrical Engineering.
1980 – 1990: REA/RUS engineering department for the North Central and Northwest Areas.
1990 – 1997: RUS General Field Representative covering Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Hawaii, Guam, Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, Saipan, Marshal Islands
1997 – 1999: RUS Engineering Branch Chief of the Southwest Area, Telecommunications Program
1999 – 2003: RUS Director of the Eastern Area, Telecommunications Program
2003 – Present: RUS Director of the Broadband Loan and Loan Guarantee Program, Telecommunications Program 

PANELIST:  DC 101 Workshop: RUS Mini-Workshop 1: Success Stories, Do’s and Don’ts

Ken Takahashi, Senior Director, Email Operations & ISP Relations, DoubleClick

Ken Takahashi is responsible for all aspects of email deliverability at DoubleClick. His team’s responsibilities include managing day-to-day client delivery challenges, operational policies and procedures, as well as overseeing the company’s strategic relationships with major Internet Service Providers. Mr. Takahashi brings 5 years of unique experience in client relations, technology and business. He joined DoubleClick via the MessageMedia acquisition where he served as Regional Manager for client integration initiatives. Mr. Takahashi has also held positions at Hachette Filipacchi Media and VNU/Claritas. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University. 

PANELIST:  The New Economics of Email

Kristopher Twomey, Telecom/Internet Law and Regulatory Consulting, Law Office of Kristopher E. Twomey

Kris has practiced telecommunications law for the past six years in Washington, D.C., and San Francisco. He began a solo practice in 2002 focusing on CLECs and ISPs, both wired and wireless. Kris represents clients nationwide and maintains offices in Berkeley, Calif., and Washington, D.C. He began his career representing long distance resellers and the first wave of CLECs after the passage of the 1996 Telecom Act. Kris also did FCC licensing work for a major carrier's fixed wireless project. His ISP practice has included prosecuting a major DSL complaint case against Pacific Bell and its affiliates at the California Public Utilities Commission. He has extensive experience speaking at ISP conventions including past ISPCONs and state association conventions. 

SPEAKER:  ISP to ISP/CLEC Workshop: Regulatory and Financial Considerations to Starting a CLEC - Part 1

SPEAKER:  ISP to ISP/CLEC Workshop: Panel Two- Making the New CLEC Work, Implementation Issues - Part 2

SPEAKER:  ISP to ISP/CLEC Workshop: Equipment Options - Part 3

Lauren Van Wazer, Associate Chief, Office of Engineering and Technology, Federal Communications Commission 

PANELIST:  The FCC Update: Broadband Proceedings

Luis Fiallo, Member of the President's Information Technology Council, Fiallo & Associates

Luis E. Fiallo is president of Fiallo & Associates, a management consulting organization helping technology companies meet the needs of today's expanding marketplace.

He currently works with several successful and innovative Fortune 500 companies, and other early stage technology innovators. Mr. Fiallo is a member of President Bush's President's Information Technology Council (PITAC). Previously, Mr. Fiallo was vice president of eBusiness Solutions for BCE Teleglobe, where he built and launched one of the largest integrated global computing and communication services. Prior to Teleglobe, Fiallo worked as vice president of data networking and Web hosting services for AppliedTheory Corporation, an Internet Service Provider (ISP). He developed and commercialized Delta Edge, a patented next generation dynamic content distribution technology. Furthermore, he held senior management roles at IBM, Sprint and Cable & Wireless where he focused on advanced data networking and computing solutions.

Fiallo received a bachelor's degree in business administration in international business from George Washington University, and a master's degree in information systems from The American University. 

PANELIST:  Are ISPs Giving Away the Store?

M. Scott McCormack, Principal, Seaport Capital

Scott joined Seaport Capital after five years at BancBoston Capital, the private equity arm of FleetBoston Financial, where he was a Director in the media and communications group. Scott has invested across a broad spectrum of media and communications markets including broadband services, competitive and incumbent voice carriers, and data center providers. Prior to business school, Scott spent four years as a derivatives trader in the US and Germany.

Scott focuses on service providers in the communications and infrastructure markets as well as on software investments.

Scott graduated cum laude from Harvard College with an AB in Economics and holds an MBA from the Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. 

PANELIST:  Debt and Equity Sources in Today's Market

Mark Bayliss, President, Visual Link Internet

Ceo Visual Link Internet
President World Air waves
Director VISPA Virginia Internet Service Provider Association
Spoken before congress on DSL regulation
Spoken at White House to president commission on E commerce.
Chosen by state department to train Russian technology delegation on Internet free enterprise.
Spoken at 4 ISP cons.
Director and founding member of Virginia ISP association
Hosted technology delegation from Hong Kong to discuss wireless network for China Home Land security project.
Developed wireless technology used in Home Land Security trials. 

SPEAKER:  Public Private Partnerships and Municipal Broadband

Marlon K. Schafer, WISP Consultant

When you look at Marlon Schafer, do not expect to see bright lights and flashy clothes. He is true to his upbringing. This humble man grew up in a small farming community in eastern Washington and lives there still. He maintains a quiet lifestyle with his wife Melissa and three children. Marlon is a fixer of things that are broken, "usually 'cause I broke them first." Exploration and innovation have been life's steering wheel for Marlon. It did not matter that he didn't know how to fix stuff -- he simply thrived on the challenge of the attempt. He was one of the first ISP operators in the country to put together a wireless DSL network. Starting in the early spring of 2000, he covered the area of Odessa, Wa., his hometown. Lots of people helped, but nobody showed him how. His knack of fixing things progressed to owning his own business and a move back to Odessa. In 1995, Odessa Office Equipment was born. The problem: lack of Internet access in his town. He called every ISP he could find including Compuserve and AOL, and none would provide access in Odessa. So in April 1997 he borrowed $15,000 and hired a Spokane-based ISP to set up all the equipment, becoming the area's first ISP. He knew that 56k modems would be an expensive and short-term option for higher speed access. In 1997 he began looking for the next generation of technology that could be brought into the area, eyeing DSL. When the phone company said it would "never" bring DSL to Odessa he completely went around the telco, and found people that could help him do it instead. A local PairGain rep and Howard Fuller from Net to Net loaned him some point to point SDSL modems. DSL had arrived in Odessa. He set up his first wireless system in the spring 2000, and "dang, it worked." "When I started talking about how great it was, others who followed my DSL trials also followed me into wireless." Word spread. Marlon became a consultant and salesman who was totally customer focused on selling the best wireless networking equipment available. Most of his advice was still free, but the consulting part of his business began to grow. Speaking and training engagements followed. In fact, Marlon spends most of his time helping others. He is held in very high regard by the "inmates, or audience" of the ISP-wireless mailing list. By asking and answering questions to the list, he has given direction to the complicated learning curve of all things wireless. He organized a briefing for the FCC, extolling the virtues of the license-free space, which has become the "Wild West of Wireless." He has tested and trained on a large variety of wireless equipment, and is not shy to tell you the top 10 reasons why he loves it or hates it. Companies who gain his nod are very fortunate, for his opinion holds tremendous weight with other people in the business. 

SPEAKER:  Under the Hood: An In-Depth Look at One of the Country's First Rural WISPs

SPEAKER:  What Radio System Should YOU Use?

MODERATOR:  Driving Wireless Profitability: WISP MBA Workshop - Part 1

PANELIST:  The WISP-CEO Panel: Is Wireless Right for Your Market?

PANELIST:  Advancing the WISP Business: WISP MBA Workshop - Part 2

PANELIST:  Real-world Business Practice: WISP MBA Workshop - Part 3

Michael Khalilian, Chairman and President, IPCC

Michael Khalilian is Chairman & President of the International Packet Communications Consortium (IPCC). He also holds the positions of CTO/Board Member of Caerus Inc., a next gen, wholesale service provider and Technology Company and Chief Technologist/Advisor to NTT-AT, an International Telecom company.

Prior to this, Khalilian held the positions of Senior Director of Technology, Architecture, Applications and Business Development with Time Warner Communications' business groups. While at Time Warner, Khalilian built and managed multiple departments including, telephony, VoIP, broadband cable data network, multimedia and the business telecom group. Other organizations that he has worked with include BellSouth Communications, FAA/Harris Government Communications, and Siemens and the FCC.

Khalilian was one of the founding members of the “Packet Multimedia IP Carrier Coalition” and the “International Softswitch Consortium” (ISC) which evolved into the “International Packet Communications Consortium” (IPCC). Now the Chairman and President of the IPCC, he is also an appointed member of the Telecom Executive Council for the United States.

Michael Khalilian has more than 20 years of engineering, operations, applications, business development and management experience in telecommunications, broadband and multimedia. Khalilian has worked with organizations ranging from service providers and equipment manufacturers to government agencies.

Khalilian earned his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) from the University of Central Florida and his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Southern California University.

Michael is a frequent speaker at national and international technology conferences and is actively involved in service provider consortiums and industry standards bodies. Wall Street analysts and Venture Capital institutions also call upon Michael’s expertise as a technology reference and advisor.


PANELIST:  Real World VoIP Deployment Workshop - Part 1

PANELIST:  Real World VoIP Deployment Workshop - Part 2

Michael Young, President & CEO, YDI

Michael F. Young has over 25 years experience in both radio and data communications with extensive practical knowledge of high speed Wireless LANs and license-free Internet Access systems and equipment. His company, YDI, has been involved with Spread Spectrum radios since the military made it available for commercial use in the early 1990s. They specialize in complete systems designed specifically for broadband Wireless Internet access on the license-free radio bands. He also pioneered the use of 2.4 GHz amplifiers and high-gain antennas to maximize the range for outdoor use of Wireless LANs. YDI deployed the first 2.4 GHz Wireless Internet POP in the Washington DC area in 1998. As the Chief Technology Officer for YDI, he leads the development of new products and systems for license-free radio bands. As an inventor, he also holds a patent for a multi-channel communications system and has other patent applications pending for current YDI products. Young holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn and a Masters Degree in Broadcasting from Brooklyn College. 

SPEAKER:  Planning and Deploying Microwave Radio Links

Mike Sonnier, Distinguished Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems

Mike Sonnier joined Cisco systems in 1997, and currently holds the role of Distinguished Systems Engineer. His focus is on VoIP services and deployments for competitive and emerging carriers. In this role, he has worked with many industry leading and revolutionary VoIP carriers, such as Vonage, ITXC, CBeyond, and Equant. In addition, he is the US Theater Lead internally for the Cisco service provider voice Technology Leadership Program, which provides customer input and perspective into product engineering and marketing.

Prior to joining Cisco, Mike spent 8 years working in the Bell System, including time at Bellcore (Telcordia) and Bellsouth. During that time, he played an instrumental role in defining early Advanced Intelligent Network standards, and participated in and co-chaired SS7 AIN standards working groups. He has also worked at several smaller companies in the role of senior product manager for ISDN and dial remote access.

Mike received a BSEE in 1987 from the University of Louisiana Lafayette, where he graduated as valedictorian and received his MS degree in Computer Engineering from Rutgers University in 1989. He earned his CCIE certification in Routing & Switching in 1999. 

PANELIST:  Real World VoIP Deployment Workshop - Part 2

PANELIST:  Real World VoIP Deployment Workshop - Part 3

Olivier Taupin, Vice President, Business Development, Proxyconn, Inc.

Olivier Taupin helps ISPs deliver a faster browsing experience to their customers while increasing their revenues and profits. Prior to Proxyconn, Mr. Taupin was theVice President Sales and Marketing of BeadleNet, Inc., a broadband router/firewall company acquired by WatchGuard for $10M after less than a year of existence. He also served as Director of OEM Sales for $300M security provider WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. where he won well-publicized OEM contracts with Compaq, NEC and SMC Networks. A recognized expert on ISP-related issues, Mr. Taupin attained his MBA from Pacific Lutheran University. 

PANELIST:  Getting the Most from Dial-Up Acceleration

Patrick J. Chicas, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, CommPartners, LLC

Mr. Chicas has 25 years of high level involvement with telephony, data and wireless communications. While at PacTel Cellular (now Verizon), Mr. Chicas was honored for his work on engineering and implementation of the first cellular fraud control systems. At GTE Mobilnet (now Verizon), Mr. Chicas excelled at setting and achieving groundbreaking network security and network performance standards.

As an early participant in Internet related businesses, Mr. Chicas was a co-founder of Hawaii Online's Internet Access Service. Hawaii Online was the first statewide ISP in Hawaii and was ultimately sold to GST Communications.

Mr. Chicas was the first executive hire at Digital Island, an Internet hosting and distribution company where he was instrumental in creating Digital Island's first network operations environment., an ISP founded to serve rural communities in the western United States was created by Mr. Chicas, and then sold to MGC Communications where Mr. Chicas functioned as the vice president of data services. At MGC, Mr. Chicas designed, procured and implemented MGC's nationwide Internet service and the industry's first production, Voice over DSL service via Voice over IP.

Mr. Chicas is also the founder and General Partner of Rubicon Media Group, Inc., an Internet publishing concern. Mr. Chicas has a long track record of entrepreneurial success in landline, wireless and data entities.


PANELIST:  ISP to ISP/CLEC Workshop: Equipment Options - Part 3

Paul Madison, Partner, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

Mr. Madison is a partner in the Technology and Telecommunications Practice Group of the law firm of Kelley Drye & Warren LLP. He practices law with a special emphasis on Internet-related matters, competitive and wireless communications, and transactional matters involving the Internet and communications services. Mr. Madison received his J.D. from the T.C. Williams School of Law at the University of Richmond and is a member of the bars of the District of Columbia and Virginia. 

SPEAKER:  Closing the Deal – the Legal Terms Hated by the Sales Department, But Necessary

Peter Hopper, Founder and Principal, DH Capital, LLC

Peter Hopper is a Founder and Principal of DH Capital, a private investment banking firm that serves the Media, Internet and Telecommunications industries. Peter has over 15 years experience operating and financing communications companies. Prior to founding DH Capital, Peter was Founder and CEO of DURO Communications, at the time one of the largest privately held ISP/CLECs in the US. During Peter's tenure at DURO, the company completed nearly 50 acquisitions, raised over $200 million in equity and debt financing and grew the company to $70 million in revenues. Previous to DURO, Peter headed New Business Development for Helicon Cable, a top 25 MSO. At Helicon, Peter directed the company's ISP, paging and private carrier businesses and oversaw the launch of Helicon's cable modem service. 

MODERATOR:  Financing Growth and New Market Opportunities

Peter Murray, CEO and President, Wireless Access Communications

Pete is the founder and President of Wireless Access Communications. Pete’s had over 20 years of telecommunications and networking experience. His experience with wireless dates back to the 1980’s at Microwave Communications Incorporated(MCI) where he was an original member of their National Account Organization in New York City. At MCI, Pete worked on some of the largest global networks including the first full color global image transmission system deployed in publishing.

After leaving MCI, Pete spent time developing a hybrid wired/wireless network in the Caribbean and South America. During this time Pete learned valuable lessons on utilizing wireless in extreme climates and environments.

Following this project, Pete was the first general manager of Winstar Telecommunications where he began the deployment of a wireless network utilizing 38Ghz technology. The experience of working on this network provided Pete with invaluable technical knowledge but more importantly it addressed the complexity of using wireless in urban environments.

Pete’s not only worked on wireless networks. He also served as General Manager of PECO/Hyperion in Philadelphia, PA. Pete oversaw 120 employees in the profitable construction of over 800 miles of urban fiber optic cabling and the installation of voice and data switching. During this time, Pete constructed networks into many of the cities largest universities, hospitals and government offices.

Pete left PECO to develop Internet Protocol(IP) network services. He first started developing these services as President of NetCarrier, a regional Internet Service Provider, and then as a consultant to various telecommunications networks companies.

Pete has a B.A. in communications from Rutgers College and a M.B.A. from Fordham University in Information Technology.

Pete founded WAC because he believes there is an absence of companies that have the technical expertise and the market understanding to develop practical and economical applications of wireless and IP. Many people have said he is WAC’d.

Pete was born and raised in New York, NY, and currently resides in Philadelphia, PA. He has three children, Kelly 15, Kristen 13, and Ryan 11. 

SPEAKER:  Conquering LOS and the Elements with Evolving Wireless Transmission Technologies

Phil Raymond, CEO, Vanquish

Philip Raymond is CEO of Vanquish Inc, an anti spam think tank and advocate of ISP resource control and resource compensation.
He has recently presented as speaker or panelist at ISPCon (Baltimore) and at ClickZ Email Strategies (San Francisco). In May, he provided testimony to the US Senate on the social mechanisms of spam and opportunities for effecting change by applying simple economic principles.
Raymond was the sole speaker at Colloques du Diro, University of Montreal, where he presented a mathematic model for a rules based solution to Spam - a system is now being implemented by companies at the forefront of spam control.
Raymond, a serial entrepreneur, has started and sold three previous tech firms. His recent work is spotlighted in the July 7 issue of Forbes Magazine. 

PANELIST:  The New Economics of Email

Ray Everett-Church, Chief Privacy Officer, ePrivacy Group

Widely recognized as the "dean of corporate Chief Privacy Officers," media commentator, author (including Internet Privacy for Dummies) and sought-after speaker on privacy law and policy. Ray Everett Church is an authority in the law and policy of Internet privacy, electronic commerce, and online marketing. Previously an Advisor & Consultant to Microsoft, Ericsson, Intuit, AOL, and Napster. 

SPEAKER:  Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Spam

Ray Keating, Managing Member, PontiMAX Technologies LLC 

PANELIST:  ISP to ISP/CLEC Workshop: Panel Two- Making the New CLEC Work, Implementation Issues - Part 2

Rebecca Lieb, Executive Editor, The ClickZ Network

Rebecca Lieb is executive editor of the ClickZ Network, the world's largest and most comprehensive source of information about interactive marketing. Earlier, she held executive marketing and communications positions at strategic e-services consultancies, including Siegelgale. She worked in the same capacity for global entertainment and media companies including Universal Television & Networks Group (formerly USA Networks International) and Bertelsmann's German network, RTL Television. As a journalist, Rebecca has written on media for numerous publications, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, and spent five years in Berlin as Variety's German/Eastern European bureau chief. She's a member of the graduate faculty at New York University's Center for Publishing. 

PANELIST:  The New Economics of Email

Rebecca Wetzel, President, Wetzel Consulting LLC

Rebecca Wetzel is an Internet industy analyst with unparalleled knowledge of the Internet services market. At BBN during the Internet’s most formative years, Ms. Wetzel helped move the Internet into the commercial realm, first as director of marketing at NEARNET (one of the original NSFnet regional networks), subsequently at commercial Internet service provider BBN Planet. Since then she has aided countless network service providers and vendors in developing and deploying value-added IP marketing strategies. 

MODERATOR:  The New Economics of Email

MODERATOR:  Are ISPs Giving Away the Store?

Rich Lee, CEO, Springboard Managed Hosting 

PANELIST:  Financing Growth and New Market Opportunities

Rich Wong, General Manager, Messaging and Anti-Abuse, Openwave Systems

Richard Wong is a founding member of the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG), brought together for operators to share best practices in combating messaging abuse, as well as for developing a cohesive point of view on anti-spam legislation. He leads the business direction and management of the Messaging Applications team at Openwave. Formerly, as senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Mr. Wong directed all administration for the Corporate Marketing, Developer Marketing and Regional Market Solutions organizations at Openwave.

Prior to joining Openwave, Rich was the EVP of Marketing of Covad Communications, the nationwide DSL company, leading the product management, channel marketing, developer relations, and branding/communications organizations. In addition, he was also the EVP/GM of the Value Added IP Services business unit at Covad, developing the value added services strategy to extend the DSL strategy beyond Layer 2 transport.

Preceding Covad, he was an Engagement Manager/Team Leader in the San Francisco office of management consulting firm McKinsey & Co, focusing primarily on e-commerce and software clients. Rich was also a Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble, where he managed the P/L and lead advertising, marketing and general management for the entire company with several of P&G's brands, leading the cross-organizational directors team and all advertising, marketing, and sales channel initiatives. Mr. Wong holds a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and received his M.B.A. from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Rich chaired a session at 3GSM on designing, implementing and operating the new IT systems required to support a wide range of services from real-time data services to content downloads, messaging and commerce. He will speak on the subject of delivering real-time messaging anti-abuse to service providers at CTIA and Commonwealth Club. He has spoken at a number of conferences such as Economist Wireless, and he has moderated several roundtable discussions at Supercomm, CTIA and Mobile Americas. 

KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Cross-Operator Communication That Stops Messaging Abuse

Rob Cerbone, Associate, Telecommunications Development Fund

Robert A. Cerbone is an Associate of the Telecommunications Development Fund. Prior to joining TDF, Mr. Cerbone was a manager in PricewaterhouseCoopers' Technology Information Communications and Entertainment industry practice. During his tenure at PricewaterhouseCoopers and previously in a similar practice at Arthur Andersen, he advised senior management on a variety of issues including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, due diligence, strategic planning, industry and competitor analysis, business planning, cost reduction and valuation. Over the last six years, Mr. Cerbone has worked with companies ranging in size from startup to Fortune 500 in the cable, satellite, wireless, broadcasting, wireline, software and technology industries.
Mr. Cerbone holds both a Masters of Business Administration in Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland. 

PANELIST:  Debt and Equity Sources in Today's Market

Robert Cannon, Senior Counsel, Federal Communications Commission

Robert Cannon is Senior Counsel for Internet Issues in the Office of Plans and Policy of the Federal Communications Commission. Prior to this position, he was Deputy Director of the FCC's Y2K Task Force. He is also the Founder and Director of the Washington Internet Project, a pro-bono project dedicated to promoting awareness of and participation in federal regulatory developments that affect the Internet . Mr. Cannon moderates the Cybertelecom-l listserv and edits the e-newsletter CybertelecomNews. His article on the Communications Decency Act was published in the Federal Communications Law Journal, cited before the Supreme Court in Reno v. ACLU, and republished in an anthology on the First Amendment. His article on the FCC's Computer Inquiries Proceedings was 

MODERATOR:  The FCC Update: Broadband Proceedings

MODERATOR:  The FCC Update: IP-enabled Service Proceedings

Ron Neumann, President, SlipStream Data Inc.

Ron Neumann, President of SlipStream Data Inc, possesses over twenty years of successful management experience in organizations at various stages of development and growth including small start-ups and large corporations. Ron provides an entrepreneurial spirit coupled with strong technical skills to drive the market leadership of SlipStream’s Web Accelerator product.

Prior to joining SlipStream Data in 2001, Ron was Director of Business Development at Cebra, the electronic commerce division of the Bank of Montreal, where he led the development of EPOST. Ron’s other senior positions include President of LivePage, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Waterloo Maple and President of Tallgrass Technologies. Ron is a graduate of the Systems Design Engineering program at the University of Waterloo. 

PANELIST:  Getting the Most from Dial-Up Acceleration

Russ Intravartolo, CEO and Founder, StarNet Inc.

Russ Intravartolo, CEO of StarNet, founded and has led the organization for more than eight years, and knows the issues ISPs face. Russ, who initially concentrated on retail Internet access, was able to grow StarNet’s network from a single point of presence to one of the largest dial access networks in North America. He shares his important insight into the influence Web acceleration is having on ISPs' businesses and operations. 

PANELIST:  Getting the Most from Dial-Up Acceleration

Scott M. Lindsay, President, Rural Broadband Coalition (RBC)

Scott Lindsay is co-founder and President of Rural Broadband Coalition (RBC). He also provides advisory services on energy and telecommunications issues.

Lindsay brings over ten years of experience working on congressional campaigns and on a range of federal, state, county, and local issues. At RBC, Lindsay serves in an advisory role for all RBC activities and is responsible for federal legislative and regulatory issues impacting RBC members. He is dedicated to membership outreach -- seeking to maintain RBC’s value to its members.

Lindsay formed RBC after serving as the director of government & member relations for the Northwest Public Power Association (NWPPA). In this position, he was the primary liaison between NWPPA’s membership and Congress on all Federal legislative and regulatory issues of interest to its members. He also represented the association at events as a speaker, legislative educator, and advocate.

He was hired by NWPPA to set up an in-house lobbying shop from Morgan Meguire, where he was vice president. While with this Washington, D.C.–based lobbying firm, Lindsay served as a legislative consultant for NWPPA and other energy and technology clients for three years. Lindsay was responsible for Northwest power issues in addition to telecommunication, technology, transportation, and defense matters.

Before joining Morgan Meguire, Lindsay moved from APCO Associates where he was manager of government relations. At APCO, Lindsay was responsible for a number of national energy and telecommunication issues and was the Washington, D.C. liaison for APCO Seattle. Prior to joining APCO, Lindsay served as a legislative aide to Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn (R-Wash.) where he focused on energy, information technology, transportation, commerce, banking, foreign affairs, veterans’ and national security issues.

Lindsay holds a Bachelor of Science degree in communications management from the University of Portland and is working toward a Masters in International Relations. 

MODERATOR:  DC 101 Workshop: RUS Mini-Workshop Part 2: Action Steps

PANELIST:  DC 101 Workshop: Congressional Advocacy Training Course

Seth Goldhammer, Co-founder and Director of Systems Engineering, Roving Planet

With more than 10 years of network and software experience, Seth Goldhammer co-founded Roving Planet in January 2001, and now coordinates the Development and Sales teams, as well as leading Roving Planet intellectual property initiatives. Seth began his technology career as a network administrator and has since led two technology-consulting firms as CEO. Seth has master's degree in business administration from the University of Colorado, where he focused on technology and entrepreneurship. 

SPEAKER:  WISPs in the Hot (Spot) Seat

Shawn Lewis, President & CEO, Volo Communications

As President and Chief Executive Officer of Caerus, Inc., Shawn M. Lewis oversees all activities of the company and its three subsidiaries, Volo Communications, Caerus Networks, Inc., and Caerus Billing & Mediation, Inc., as they implement his vision for a truly open and convergent telecom marketplace, enabling the rapid development and deployment of profitable advanced services.

Shawn Lewis wrote the patent for the first Softswitch and SS7 Media Gateway for XCOM Technologies, Inc., a CLEC he co-founded at the time of the Telecommunications Act in 1996 and directed before its acquisition by Level 3 in 1998. Level 3 proceeded to make these patents public, which created the packet communications industry. His next venture, settop box vendor, River Delta, sold to Motorola. His third successful venture, Caerus, Inc. empowers carriers and SPs to begin selling advanced services and realizing revenues and profits immediately. The market is enthusiastically responding to Caerus’ approach and service offerings.

Volo Communications is a next gen wholesale service provider serving Tier 1 & 2 Carriers, CLECs, DSL providers, ISPs and Cable Companies, utilizing both TDM and Packet Technology. Caerus Networks develops advanced services and platforms for Volo and its customers. Caerus Billing is a billing and mediation software company that provides in-house services for 3rd party service providers, and carriers. Caerus, Inc. together with its three subsidiaries, next gen, wholesale service provider, Volo Communications, Caerus Networks, Inc. and Caerus Billing, Inc. provide an integrated, end-to-end, convergent solution that is unmatched in the industry today. More information on Caerus, Inc. is available at:

Shawn Lewis wrote the patent for the first Softswitch and SS7 Media Gateway for XCOM Technologies, Inc., a CLEC he co-founded at the time of the Telecommunications Act in 1996 and directed before its acquisition by Level 3 in 1998. Level 3 proceeded to make these patents public, which created the packet communications industry. His next venture, settop box vendor, River Delta, sold to Motorola. 

PANELIST:  Real World VoIP Deployment Workshop - Part 3

Thede Loder, Artificial Intelligence Lab, University of Michigan

Thede Loder is a STIET fellow in computer science at the University of Michigan, focused on Information Economics and Artificial Intelligence. He is coauthor of "An Economic Answer to Unsolicited Communication", a mathematical analysis and proposed solution to eliminate spam based on an economic mechanism. His research was presented at MIT's 2004 spam conference and has been accepted to the ACM's upcoming Electronic Commerce conference. It will also be presented to the FTC in June.

Prior to attending the University of Michigan, Thede was a partner at DiamondCluster International, a global IT-strategy consulting firm, where he was responsible for client projects, team management, and technical architecture. Thede was the CTO and a cofounder of Leverage Information Systems, a maker of application server software and provider of engineering services, which Diamond acquired in 1999. Before starting leverage in 1996, Thede was a lead developer and software architect at the online dating service 

PANELIST:  The New Economics of Email

Thomas G. Hulsebosch, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing, Motorola – Canopy

Tom is responsible for sales and marketing effort of Motorola’s Canopy product offering. Canopy is Motorola’s wireless broadband IP access network designed to cost effectively deliver point to multipoint and point to point IP bandwidth in the access network. Canopy can serve the needs of private operators and service providers alike. One of the most exciting applications of Canopy is the delivery of broadband IP services where they don’t exist today at a price point that is competitive with today’s wired technologies.

Prior to joining the Canopy product team Tom spent the previous several years doing sales and business development of for Motorola’s product in the following areas: Seamless Mobility, WAP Gateways and Voice Recognition Gateways. Tom spent the first 12 years of his carreer in Motorola’s Cellular Infrastructure Group. He has had positions in Hardware Development, Software Development, System Architecture, Standards, and Product Management. Tom has been involved with developing and bringing to market many of Motorola’s Cellular and PCS infrastructure offerings including TACS, NAMPS, PDC, and CDMA.
EDUCATION-Marquette University,B.S. Electrical Engineering - Illinois Institute of Technology, M.S. in Electrical Engineering PATENTS (4) patents granted 

MODERATOR:  Broadband Wireless Access: An Alternative to Cable and DSL for Internet, VoIP & Video Applications

Tim Sanders, Founder, The Final Mile

Tim Sanders brings more than 15 years of experience in a diverse range of businesses to bear in solving client problems. Much of this experience was gained with start-up companies. Prior to founding the The Final Mile, he held the general manager's position of a multi-state fixed wireless ISP that was a subsidiary of a major start-up operation. He led the company into its first out-of-state expansion and developed many of the business processes that are in use today. Sanders reduced the burn rate to break even and positioned the division to be financially independent for the first time. He is intimately familiar with the art form of line-of-sight wireless services delivery and understands the technology thoroughly. With formal training in Access database design he is experienced in developing inventory tracking systems and GIS topography data linkage. He is experienced with the complete ramp-up of wireless in a new city, which can include everything from bandwidth sourcing, partnership relations, sales, hub and relay site acquisition and negotiations, media and field technical management. Sanders' further expertise includes asset valuation, consultant sales, product management and development and project coordination and management. As a consultant he specializes in business plan development, financial projections and market positioning. Prior to the wireless business, Sanders was director of technical operations for a software consulting firm specializing in digital imaging and software products to the auto body industry. His teams served more than 8,000 partner customers in less than a two-year period with technical support, verification and distance learning programs. During his tenure, it was the most profitable division in the company and provided the capital to help position the company to diversify their product lines. Sanders held several diverse positions with previous companies, primarily in customer service, credit and sales. He has continued his education with technical subjects relating to the wireless business and studied mechanical engineering. 

MODERATOR:  The WISP-CEO Panel: Is Wireless Right for Your Market?

MODERATOR:  Advancing the WISP Business: WISP MBA Workshop - Part 2

PANELIST:  Driving Wireless Profitability: WISP MBA Workshop - Part 1

PANELIST:  Real-world Business Practice: WISP MBA Workshop - Part 3

Todd Heinrich, VP Operations - Heartland Communications Internet Services, Inc, CEO Aero Communications, LLC

Todd Heinrich – Vice President of Operations of Heartland Internet, CEO of Aero Communications, a Majority Owner of TyrNetworks, a software development firm, and Owner of HME Providers: Having graduated from the Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology in 1987, Mr. Heinrich obtained employment from The Ingersoll Milling Machine Company the same year. Duties and job related activities involved engineering, installation, and maintaining Large Scale machine tools to customers such as Caterpillar, Boeing, Honda, and Toyota motor companies. Computer Data centers, Computer Numerical Controllers (CNC) and networking were a large focus of job activities.

In the spring of 1994, Mr. Heinrich began a part time business in the telecommunications field, which grew to a full time business by the winter of 1996. Having retired from his job after 9 years, Mr. Heinrich began expanding his home-based business experience into a full Internet service company. In April of 1997, Heartland Communications Internet Services, Inc. was formed. As the technical operations specialist, Mr. Heinrich’s duties became many, from managing and operating the company day-to-day, to routing, networking, phone circuit ordering, and equipment purchaser and installer for the company.

As the CEO of Aero Communications, LLC, a CLEC in the states of Illinois and Kentucky, Mr. Heinrich was involved with the initial company establishment, and is currently involved with the daily activities of class 5 telephony switch operations. Aero currently delivers services to Heartland Internet, and will be delivering full voice services to the public by the fall of 2003. It has been Mr. Heinrich’s responsibility to establish and complete all processes necessary for this to happen, from regulatory, to ordering, to switch processing and routing.

As a majority owner of TyrNetworks, a software development firm, day-to-day activities include organizing staff to complete and deliver software products to the Internet marketplace.

Married with 2 children, Mr. Heinrich now operates the companies day-to-day business focusing on company growth, additional services, and methods of future service deployment. 

PANELIST:  ISP to ISP/CLEC Workshop: Panel Two- Making the New CLEC Work, Implementation Issues - Part 2

PANELIST:  ISP to ISP/CLEC Workshop: Equipment Options - Part 3

Tom DeReggi, President, RapidDSL & Wireless Inc.

Tom DeReggi is the President and founder of RapidDSL & Wireless Inc and is responsible for sales, strategic planning and wireless network design. In 2002, he launched "Intairnet," a high-capacity transport network interconnecting key locations throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area. Intairnet's wireless-to-fiber network completely bypasses wired telecom carriers and the congestion associated with them, using radios operating in the 5.8Ghz unlicensed spectrum. One of the core elements to RapidDSL & Wireless's success is its proprietary router technology which, when combined with the latest microwave radios, enables it to cost effectively build superior redundancy and security into its network using automatic shortest path routing algorithms and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). RapidDSL & Wireless recently launched its wholesale program, with the idea that WISPs have the best chance of success, if they pool resources and work together. With prices starting as low as $99 per month and speeds as high as 16 mbps, it's an ideal solution to connect hotspots, communities, tenant buildings and businesses to the Internet. 

SPEAKER:  Successful Wireless Strategies: Risks and Rewards of Urban, and Suburban Deployments

MODERATOR:  Real-world Business Practice: WISP MBA Workshop - Part 3

PANELIST:  The WISP-CEO Panel: Is Wireless Right for Your Market?

PANELIST:  The Best and Worst of Value-Added Services

PANELIST:  Driving Wireless Profitability: WISP MBA Workshop - Part 1

PANELIST:  Advancing the WISP Business: WISP MBA Workshop - Part 2

Tom Millitzer, President, New Commerce Communications, Inc

Tom Millitzer, President, New Commerce Communications, Inc (NCC). NCC is one of the most active brokers in the Internet industry. NCC has completed over $200 million in Internet company related services since 1997 and closed 12 transactions in 2003. NCC provides merger, acquisition and valuation services to the Internet industry. 

SPEAKER:  Head to Head: He Said / He Said - ISP Valuations in 2004

Tom Moylan, President, Ashby Telecom Group

Tom Moylan is president of Ashby Telecom Group, LLC based out of Massachusetts. His career path has taken a very logical progression to become an expert in non-traditional, non-incumbent broadband distribution networks. Focusing on public/private partnerships whose goal is to build networks from an economic development perspective, Tom has been able to successfully bridge the gap between public sector infrastructure funding and private sector communications companies. Tom has done a variety of consulting work to help towns, counties, regional service providers and public utilities address their specific geographic concerns.

Tom’s involvement in public/private communications projects has given him the opportunity to become familiar with, and successful at, securing federal funding for these projects. He has secured $10,000,000.00 in funding from the Rural Utilities Service of the Department of Agriculture to build a fiber optic network in rural New York (that funding has since been expanded to $29 million). In addition, he has gotten commitments of several million dollars for a variety of other projects in many states from the USDA and Department of Commerce.

Tom is currently the lead consultant to the State University of New York at Plattsburgh on a project to build a three-county fiber optic network in upstate New York. The Adirondack-Champlain Community Fiber Network (ACFN) is an 800 km Open Access Network, delivering Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to 260+ public facilities and business parks that will then be extended via wireless and fiber technologies to individual businesses and residences in the entire service area. The service area is extremely rural in nature but Tom and his team have been able to establish a very strong business case to build this vital infrastructure. Do to the success of that project, Tom has been asked to replicate the project for the northern three counties of New Hampshire. 

PANELIST:  DC 101 Workshop: RUS Mini-Workshop 1: Success Stories, Do’s and Don’ts

PANELIST:  DC 101 Workshop: RUS Mini-Workshop Part 2: Action Steps

Trevor Hughes, Executive Director, Email Sender and Provider Coalition

Trevor Hughes serves as the Executive Director of both the Email Service Provider Coalition (the ESPC) and the International Association of Privacy Professionals (the IAPP). The ESPC has emerged as the leading voice for legitimate emailers and has taken an active role in promoting sensible legislation, technology and best practices.

Hughes has provided testimony before the US Congress Commerce Committee, the Senate Commerce Committee, the Federal Trade Commission, and the European Union Parliament on issues of privacy, spam and privacy sensitive technologies and has lectured on privacy and ecommerce law at Boston College Law School, the University of Maine School of Law and Northeastern University. 

SPEAKER:  Email Compliance -- What to Expect in 2004

Vincent J. Schiavone, Chief Strategic Officer, TurnTide;, Founder and CEO, ePrivacy Group

Vincent Schiavone has over 20 years of experience involved in Internet
commerce, privacy and security. As CSO of TurnTide, Vince leads the
company's overall strategies around the development of anti-spam technology
solutions. Prior to TurnTide, Vince was President and CEO of ePrivacy Group,
a privacy consulting company and trusted email technology incubator.
ePrivacy Group developed the framework and technology for the Trusted Sender
program, and TEOS (Trusted Email Open Standard) as well as TurnTide's
Anti-Spam. Before founding ePrivacy, Vince was founder and CEO of a network of over 6,000 websites that was one of the top 100
sites according to Media Metrix. Vince's experience also includes serving as
Principal and Key Strategist with InfoSec Labs, a security consulting and
training company and as a Senior Analyst with the National Computer Security

Vince's consulting and training clients have included the Federal Trade
Commission, American Express, NYSE, Aventis, Pfizer and Merck Medco,
Comcast, Microsoft, Earthlink, and ATTWireless. Vince has written and
lectured extensively on the Internet, e-commerce, security and privacy. He
currently serves as Vice President, Conference Co-chair, and Founding member
of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Privacy

SPEAKER:  Perfect Storm? Spam Attacks, False Positives, and Malware

W. David Snead, Attorney at Law

Mr. Snead is an attorney in private practice in Washington D.C. His practice focuses exclusively on representing web hosting providers, ISPs, and other entities involved in the dissemination of content and provision of services over the internet. In his 10 years in this area, Mr. Snead has represented ISPs and web hosts both in-house and as outside counsel. He has spoken extensively on subjects of importance to ISPs and web hosts at conferences ranging from the “Web Host Expo” to the “Miami CyberCrime Conference.” His views on the impact of SPAM legislation on small-to-medium internet businesses were quoted in FatPipe magazine. Current clients include Affinity Internet, Inc., Superb Internet, Inc. and Mr. Snead received his J.D. in 1991 from Georgetown University Law Center and is a member of the bars of the District of Columbia and State of New Mexico. 

SPEAKER:  Streamlining Subpoena Responses and Minimizing Legal Expenses

Will Pemble, CEO,

In leading’s rampant growth, Will Pemble drives and directs all aspects of business, technology, and service development. Having led three previous Internet companies through every phase of a successful business lifecycle, Pemble draws on two decades of diverse experience with Internet and eBusiness development, achieving rapid success through innovative business strategies. In raising’s stature to a consistent ranking among the Top 20 domain name registrars, Pemble has simultaneously expanded service offerings and reseller programs to sustain long-term profitability and differentiation, fostering alliances with industry-leading organizations from all facets of Internet content and service delivery. 

SPEAKER:  Differentiating for the Long Haul: How Web Hosting Companies Can Remain Competitive and Profitable


William Flanagan, Chief Strategy Officer, sentitO Networks

William Flanagan brings to sentitO Networks over 10 years of industry experience in designing profitable telecommunications solutions. Prior to joining sentitO, Flanagan was Director of Marketing for Tellabs’ SALIX line of next-generation switching solutions, handling all product marketing, product management and public relations. Previously, Mr. Flanagan served as a Business Development Manager for Ascend Communications. With Ascend, Mr. Flanagan worked with global carriers to define their business requirements and necessary technologies to meet those objectives.

Mr. Flanagan holds a Master’s Degree in Information Engineering from the University of Texas, and a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Oklahoma. 

PANELIST:  Real World VoIP Deployment Workshop - Part 1

PANELIST:  Real World VoIP Deployment Workshop - Part 3



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